Delena Aid Post Opened

The refurbishment of the aid post was supported by lawyer, Keith Iduhu, who was approached by the Delena Committee to assist as the aid post had become dormant for over 10 years leaving the people to facing countless disadvantages of lacking medical support and supplies.

From 1979 to 2012 the people have had to travel to Yule Island to seek medical attention and within this time frame many have lost their lives trying to reach the Island on time.

Central villages under water

 Roads have not been accessible for people in Kairuku, while some villages along the Magi highway, watched their houses being washed away.

Heavy rains have affected villages in Central province, with floods blocking off roads while food gardens and homes are submerged.

In Gaire village, people resorted to paddling on boats between houses after continuous rain saw a rise in the water level to above knee length.

Six houses were washed away in Gabagaba village, leaving families displacd.