Papa water consultation

Member for Hiri-Koiari, Keith Iduhu, is making it known that it is not only about launching projects, but more importantly about listening to the people.

During the festive season, Member Iduhu attended a community meeting at Papa village in Central’s Hiri West, to discuss water supply challenges affecting Papa, Bogi, and Metago.

Village leaders, Water PNG, LABA Holdings and representatives of the Hiri Koiari District Development Authority attended the meeting with villagers.

“The primary agenda was to actively engage with the community and allow everyone present to voice their concerns. Various proposals were discussed during the meeting, including infrastructure upgrades, community programs, and potential collaborations with external organizations.

“The meeting concluded positively, emphasizing the significance of understanding the community's concerns and perspectives to ensure that any initiatives meet the community's needs,” said Iduhu.

According to Iduhu, these three villages are a part of a water project scheme initiated and led by the Hiri-Koiari DDA to provide community water taps at strategic locations throughout the village.

“I take this opportunity to commend everyone who attended, especially Ward Member Nao, for the pivotal role in facilitating the dialogue and encouraging open communication among all participants,” he concluded. 

Loop Author