Koiari landowners

Koiari Lanco pays Fees

A cheque of K285,970.00 was presented by RODCO Limited’s executives, to the Principal and Executive Director of MIT for the 2021 school year.

At the cheque presentation, RODCO Limited Executive Director, Marcus Palem Kara said the small but very significant event should encourage the students to keep going.

“You are not alone. The landowner group is with you to support you and make sure that you complete what you intend to achieve.

Govt yet to ID right landowner group

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, Charles Abel, said this recently when asked for an update on the payment issue.

More than two Koiari landowner groups have popped up in recent years, creating complications when it comes to the disbursement of royalties or land vetting and mobilisation funds.

The most recent issue encountered was when a large group of locals shut off water valves at the hydrostations on the 22nd of March, demanding K10 million in payment.

PPL condemns LOs’ actions

In a statement, PPL said Sirinumu landowners unlawfully trespassed all Rouna power stations and shut down their operations at 3.55am today.

Acting managing director, Carolyn Blacklock, said demands made by the landowners are to the State and have no relation to PNG Power.

“Attempts made by senior management to calmly resolve the matter have been rejected by the landowners,” she said.

Koiari LOs shut off water, demand K10m

Koiari landowners of Central Province have shut down and locked the Rouna 2 hydrostation early this morning in frustration over the lack of urgency in addressing their grievances.

They also felled trees and rolled huge boulders onto the middle of the Sogeri road. This was around 1am today.

Around 10am, NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, his officers and PNG Power staff convoyed up the winding road, cutting away the felled trees as they went.

Landowners assure city residents of continuous water supply

Chairman for Laloki Impact Area Development Committee, Peter Inara made this comment in a news conference with Eda Ranu board and management today.

He is also the representative of the Koiari landowners on the Eda Ranu board.

“No Koiaris will support this Facebook propaganda (of water supply to the city to be turned off) under my leadership.”

Eda Ranu chair lady Mary Karo assured city residents that water will be flowing to their homes.  

 “We want to reassure people in NCD our services will continue and also isolate ourselves from that message.