PNG Power Ltd

Blackouts Affecting Business

These have impacted the company's ability to function at full capacity, resulting in damage to its generator and thus hindering productivity. 
While the Bizprint and Scan generator is unserviceable and waiting on parts from abroad, the continuous blackouts, also being suffered by all business houses and clubs at Kone and surrounding suburbs, have resulted in BizPrint and Scan having to curtail its operations. 

Aus helping to reduce power outage

Australia is constructing solar plants combined with battery energy storage systems in Aitape, Sandaun Province and Arawa, in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, to reduce reliance on diesel and enable clean and reliable power access for communities.

The two upgraded power stations are expected to be in operation in early 2024, with a pipeline of similar projects to follow.

PNG Power to ensure seamless electricity during festive season

The company's operations teams across the country will be working actively during the holiday season to ensure consistent power supply. In case of any unforeseen outages, the company is committed to promptly addressing the issue and ensuring a quick and safe restoration process.

LOs assure safety of state assets

Central Sogeri Holdings Ltd chairman, Arua Salesoge said landowners are currently on site at Rouna 2 Hydropower station, they have promised not to damage any assets belonging to PNG Power; and only want their demand met.

“The people will be camped here, they won’t move. But we assure that we will take ownership and will look after the properties like our own, because PNG power has been here for years. The workers and the safety of everyone is guaranteed. We won’t touch any equipment and assets. Our demand is pay the K15 million and we happily exit this area,” Salesoge said.

PNG Power receives critical equipment

The cargo-laden charter flight, a Boeing 747 cargo freighter loaded with nearly 100 tonnes of crucial PNG Power equipment, touched down in Port Moresby after a direct flight from Shenzhen, China on Sunday, August 20, 2023.

The arrival of the charter flight marked a significant milestone, as it not only showcased the successful transportation of vital cargo but also demonstrated the strengthening ties between PNG Power and its international partners.

PNG Power restores Boram

The utility company has been grappling with power supply issues due to mechanical faults in three of the station's five generating units, resulting in heavy load shedding.

A technical team dispatched from Port Moresby arrived in Wewak on August 2 to tackle the malfunctioning generators. Presently, only two units are operational, leaving the grid strained and residents enduring power cuts.

Vandalism causes power outage

PNG Power informed its valued customers and the general public about the situation in a post on its social media page on Facebook last night.

Local individuals in Chimbu, situated between Goroka and Kundiauwa, deliberately chopped down trees onto the transmission lines, resulting in the disruption of power. Despite the efforts of PNG Power personnel, the supply has not been restored and will be attempted again today.

PPL’s recovery efforts

PNG Power clarified in the statement that it is taking serious steps to address the issues it is currently experiencing.

One of the main challenges faced by PNG Power is the reliability of power supply, which is a result of ageing infrastructure, power theft, and the inability to pass on the costs of power purchased to end users.

To address these issues, PNG Power is undertaking various projects to increase electricity availability in Port Moresby, Ramu, and Lae and to improve reliability through better transmission and distribution.

Female Engineer Making Waves

Leading a group of female managers with the support of male colleagues, Vera is part of a new generation of Papua New Guineans working to improve and change the electricity industry in the country.

From the Aroma Coast of Central Province, Vera was inspired by the first female Papua New Guinean electrical power engineer, Finkewe Zurecnuoc, to study electrical engineering in power.

PPL Amnesty Phase III in effect

As a result, the company is unable to invest in repair and maintenance, spares, and other capital investments to improve the reliability of its power service. It was found in a recent study that over 100,000 customers are currently consuming power without a PNG Power meter and are therefore not registered as customers.