PPL condemns LOs’ actions

PNG Power Ltd has labelled the actions of Koiari landowners as irresponsible and illegal.

In a statement, PPL said Sirinumu landowners unlawfully trespassed all Rouna power stations and shut down their operations at 3.55am today.

Acting managing director, Carolyn Blacklock, said demands made by the landowners are to the State and have no relation to PNG Power.

“Attempts made by senior management to calmly resolve the matter have been rejected by the landowners,” she said.

“The landowners have also shut down the water valves at the main intake gate and upstream gate, affecting water supply to Mt Eriama Treatment Plant and Eda Ranu.

“Load shedding is inevitable until police are able to restore normal PPL operations.

“Load sharing customers have been advised to run their standby generators while load shedding of four feeders in the city has been implemented.

“Whilst landowners may have legitimate claims with government, PNG Power believes strongly that these actions are irresponsible and illegal and we will take actions to protect our staff, their families, our assets and our customers,” Blacklock continued.

“PNG Power has reported this illegal action to police, who are responding appropriately.

“We will advise all customers in NCD once the situation is sorted out.”

The landowners are demanding for the payment of their K10 million for land vetting and land mobilisation, saying other people are benefiting off their land whilst they remain poor.

“Mipla no kukim balus or tatsim steit propeti,” they told police.

Graun blo mipla. We have given so much to this country yet we remain poor.”

This morning, they handed over their petition to the NCD police boss, with these points outlined:

  • K10 million payment by this afternoon
  • Give reason why payment was delayed even though all requirements have been met
  • Recognise them as legitimate landowners of the hinterlands, catchment, impacted and installation areas – Koiari resource owners as per NEC decision 356/2013
  • Demand for no ‘bel isi’ or ‘bel kol’ money – we have been lied to in that way time and again
  • Comply with all of the above points and you can access your power and water
Carmella Gware