Water PNG

Hand over management to Water PNG: Maru

Planning Minister Richard Maru gave the task to Peter Numu after responding to his questions in Parliament yesterday.

Maru pointed out that the current concern of the government in regards to the issue with the Goroka water system is in light of APEC meets earmarked for the Eastern Highlands provincial town.

He said Goroka is the only town in the country that has its water supply controlled by the town council.

“I have written to the Governor to convince the town council and hand over the management of the water supply to Water PNG,” stated Maru.

Push for Eda Ranu and Water PNG merger

He made the announcement in a media conference in Port Moresby today.

The Minister for Planning and Implementation said the merger of the two institutions will save about K10 million which the Government can use to fund other projects in the rural districts.

Minister Maru said he is taking an NEC Submission to establish the National Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Authority to drive the implementation of the policy forward, provide leadership and coordination within the sector and for the NEC to look into the merger of Water PNG and Eda Ranu.

​Naru warns Water PNG

Naru issued the warning after learning from Butibam villagers that Water PNG has given notice to shut down water supply due to non-payment of bills.

During the ground breaking ceremony of the re-sealing of Butibam village road last Saturday, Ahi paramount chief Nathanial Malac told Governor Naru and those gathered that Water PNG has issued notice to shut down water supply without considering their ownership of land and water.

Water roll-out viability depends on DDA support

Water PNG Managing Director, Raka Taviri, said this when asked following the signing of a K223 million loan between the PNG Government and the World Bank for the roll our of water supply and sanitation program.

Taviri said the operation costs to provide clean an safe water is very high and though they operated in 21 centres around the country, only a few centres were profitable.

He said in order to sustain their operations they have developed a concept to enter into agreements with DDA’s.

Water PNG positive of corporatization

Chief Executive Officer, Raka Taviri, tells Loop PNG that they are confident that the Water and Sanitation Bill will be passed next year and are preparing for the transition.

The particular bill, which will see the creation of the Water PNG Limited, will replace the Water Supply and Sewerage Act 1986.

On November 4th this year, Parliament voted for the bill however, it failed to muster the required number of 57-plus; falling short by 56. 

Water roll out in Yangoru

The MoA was signed between the Yangoru-Saussia District Development Authority (DDA) and Water PNG.

Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry, and member for Yangoru-Saussia, Richard Maru, said the water supply system compliments other existing projects carried out in the districts and will attract more people to live and work there.

“Our intention is in our district towns we want to ensure that life there is the same as you were living in Port Moresby,” Maru said.

Water PNG launches 30th anniversary logo

The new design was launched in Port Moresby (24th November) coinciding with the state agencies National Conference.

Launching the design were Deputy Board Chairman, Peter Pokawin, and Managing Director, Raka Taviri.

Speaking to senior managers during the dinner and launching, Deputy Chairman Pokawin, said the organisation has had to adjust to changes or issues affecting the entity.

However, he said working together as a unit will see the organisation moving forward.

Water PNG to push for corporatisation

WPNG Board Chairman, William Sweet, says with corporatisation comes tax which they currently do not pay.

Currently WPNG only pays revenue to the Government in the form of dividends.

“With that (corporatisation) comes a lot of taxation that we weren’t used to paying because we were a statutory authority. So now we will be very much in line with what the government requirements,” said Sweet.

Poor economy affects Water PNG performance

Board Chairman, William Sweet, told Loop PNG that 2016 has been a challenging year for them as they have not been able to meet all their targets.

This largely due to non-payment of services.

“A lot of profit margins have dropped simply because payments are owed, and a lot of them are government facilities.

“But we also have some private sectors that are also struggling and so we appreciate that times are a bit hard at the moment so we are trying to be patient but at the same time we all have to earn the money to pay for the services,” says Sweet.

Practice quality lives, WPNG Managers told

WPNG Board Chairman, William Sweet, made the remark in day one of the organization’s 2016 National Conference in Port Moresby.

He said ‘quality’ meant more than just providing a service but practicing it as a daily routine.

“The principles that I’m referring to have to do with yourself. Have to do with how you do your daily business, (and) your daily work,” said Sweet.