Water PNG To Create Subsidiary

Water PNG is in the process of creating a new corporate subsidiary that is in line with the recent announcement by Prime Minister James Marape.

Water PNG Board Director, Ambassador Aiwa Omli revealed this recently when officiating at the launch of Koiari Nagava new sporting uniforms.

He briefly announced that according to the new government policy the subsidiary would provide 20 percent ownership to Koiari landowners, 10 percent ownership to Central and 10 percent to NCD.

Ambassador Omli said: “For all users of water and sewerage we have a government policy, which we are building up so that Water PNG will create a subsidiary in line with the Prime Minister’s announcement. Leaders make decisions and we workers have to walk the talk so we continue to provide water under the WASH policy for all human beings.

Meanwhile Acting Water PNG Chief Executive Officer, Parkop Kerua said being a policy directive from the government the Water PNG management has commenced the consultation process with landowners, Central Provincial Government and NCDC, before putting a strategy paper to Cabinet for final approval.

Terry Longbut