Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH)

Vene appointed to lead NDB

Her appointment is a historical milestone as the head of a bank including State-Owned Enterprises in Papua New Guinea.

The small event was witnessed by staff and management of Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH) in Port Moresby. Also present were NDB representatives, board and management.

The small celebration reflected KCH’s vision to break down barriers and elevate professional women like Ms Vene to management and board positions that are dominated by male counterparts.

19 complete Women Directors Program

The training is an initiative of Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH) and its vision on promoting women on State Owned Enterprise (SOE) boards in the country. At present there are 20 percent women representation on SOE boards.

The Women Directorship Program is aimed at achieving 30 precent female representation on SOE boards by the end of December 2025. 

Iduhu calls for agreement between KCH and LOs

He said this is to ensure the landowners do not hold the city at ransom by issuing demands for payments and shutting down water and power.

Iduhu raised this after the landowners of Koiari shut down power and water to the city yesterday and demanded their K15 million overdue payment from the government yesterday.

“KCH must look for a way forward so you (the landowners) can sign a real agreement to ensure this must not happen again,” he said.

PNG Power receives critical equipment

The cargo-laden charter flight, a Boeing 747 cargo freighter loaded with nearly 100 tonnes of crucial PNG Power equipment, touched down in Port Moresby after a direct flight from Shenzhen, China on Sunday, August 20, 2023.

The arrival of the charter flight marked a significant milestone, as it not only showcased the successful transportation of vital cargo but also demonstrated the strengthening ties between PNG Power and its international partners.

20 females issued director certificates

They are the second cohort of women directors. The first group did the training in 2022.

The women participants range from different organizations as Officers, Secretaries, and Managers were trained to become Directors.

KCH Managing Director David Kavanamur said KCH has made this commitment to foster good leadership in its SOEs with a particular focus on female representation.

Kavanamur said the participants will assist in achieving the KCH objective of 30% representation of women on SOE boards and in leadership roles by 2050.

KCH gets K200Mil to improve SOEs

To save the face of the SOEs, the Treasurer presented a K200 million funding to Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH) on Friday June 14th.

After a 4-hour long meeting during which the Prime Minister was provided a full status report on the three State-owned enterprises, PM Marape said it was overdue that major efforts be put into these SOEs to help them equalize the community service obligation roles they have been playing with profit-making.

No state guarantee yet for Ramu 2

An expansion of 194% in scheme’s generation capacity.

However, at present, a state guarantee is yet to be signed. Member for Kainantu, William Hagahuno, brought up this matter.

In response, Prime Minister James Marape said, “It’s a no brainer we support this project, but the project economics and the numbers must take up. We don’t want to have a state guarantee, sovereign guarantee that is burdensome on PNG Power, burdensome on our national government…”

Procurement vital in airline business

The Purchasing and Supply Department has 35 staff who are responsible for ensuring the efficiency of Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Services.

Ms Pumwa's team provides support services for Aircraft Maintenance, liaising with local and overseas suppliers to procure and deliver Aircraft Spare Parts, Rotable Components, and Consumables, as well as managing the Warehousing Storage of Inventory. They also provide procurement services to other departments within Air Niugini.

K20m For PPL Creditor Repayments

KCH have continued to support the open dialogue between PNG Power and its various creditors. 

It is encouraged by the cooperation and will continue to assist when necessary. This includes a review of all power supply contracts to PNG Power with action being taken on power purchase agreements that are found to be illegal.

KCH have also provided capacity backing to the finance and commercial teams at PNG 
Power, to collect monies owed to the company. 

PNGOC Awaits Federations

So far only four have applied. Athletics PNG, Basketball, Boxing and Va’a received funding last year under Team PNG’s performance strategy.

Those yet to apply must meet the requirements and follow procedures when applying for funding support.

This initial funding support from Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH) will assist the federations to stage national competitions that are in line with their selection process and criteria.