Richard Masere

Health centre to be refurbished

Member for Ijivitari, Richard Masere, said the contractor engaged was presented with the payment to start the refurbishment of the Wanigela Health Centre today.

The contractor, Eziro Services, had completed the refurbishment of the Gona Kikiri Health Centre and Kausada Aid Post and was asked to deliver a similar standard in Wanigela.

Masere said more work is expected to start soon to refurbish other health facilities in the district.

PM on He Kai deportation

He Kai has been continuously allowed into the country, despite being convicted by PNG courts for a number of crimes including theft, grievous bodily harm and possession of illegal firearms.

Ijivitari MP, Richard Masere, raised the issues in parliament on Friday, asking the Prime Minister to deal with the matter.

After commending the Prime Minister for directing the cancellation of a passport and APEC card issued to alleged fugitive Djoko Tjandra, the Ijivitari MP asked the PM how he intended to deal with the re-entry of transnational criminal Kevin He Kai.

Ijivitari petition dismissed

The National Court in Popondetta has dismissed the petition disputing Richard Masere’s election as Ijivitari member. It was dismissed for being incompetent.

It was filed by losing candidate Sheldon Deilala, who alleged seven counts of bribery against Masere.

Masere, through his lawyer Dane Mel of Mel and Henry Lawyers, filed an objection to competency, which was heard on Monday 5 February at the beginning of a 5-day trial in Popondetta, Northern Province.

The trial was scheduled from 5-9 February before Justice Iova Geita at National Court Popondetta.

​Juffa welcomes move by Ijivitari MP

Juffa told Loop PNG that he respects Masere’s decision to move as he has his own reasons.

However, he hope Masere’s move does not in any way prevent him from working with the provincial government in delivering the services that the people deserve.

He said Masere, along with Sohe MP Henry Amule, have made an agreement to work together regardless of which sides they are attached to.

“He’s still part of the Oro assembly and will continue to be part of the assembly.

Oro MPs officially sworn in

They were sworn in by the Deputy Chief Magistrate, Dessie Magaru.

The leaders include Governor Garry Juffa, Ijivitari MP, Richard Masere and Sohe MP, Henry Amuli.

This swearing in ceremony is of significance as it the first in a while for all Oro members to show solidarity and come together to take an oath to serve the people.

For the past five years, the political leaders of the province have been divided due to their political differences.

Oro leaders to work together for development

Masere said he will be trying his very best to change the image of Oro.

"I want to assure my people that my win is for them and I will serve them to the best of my ability.

"Oro has been referred to as a cowboy province but that will change."

He said Oro will be changing in years to come.

Meantime Oro Governor Garry Juffa also shared the same sentiments and thanked the people for the support given to them by mandating them as MPs.

Juffa also thanked his two colleague for choosing to work with him to drive Oro forward in terms of overall development.

Oro MP’s welcomed back home

The leaders were received at Girua airport by Sohe traditional dancers and led to the State House in Popondetta town.

Also present at the airport to welcome the leaders were members of the disciplinary forces, public servants and other distinguished guests.

It is also a significant occasion as it was the first official engagement that all three Oro MPs were seen together since their election wins.