Delena Aid Post Opened

The People of Delena in Kairuku-Hiri, Central Province and the surrounding villages celebrated on 29 January the opening of their long awaited aid post.

The refurbishment of the aid post was supported by lawyer, Keith Iduhu, who was approached by the Delena Committee to assist as the aid post had become dormant for over 10 years leaving the people to facing countless disadvantages of lacking medical support and supplies.

From 1979 to 2012 the people have had to travel to Yule Island to seek medical attention and within this time frame many have lost their lives trying to reach the Island on time.

The struggle has been so much including expectant mothers travelling on the treacherous road travel to reach the dinghy and they have even faced snakebites while traveling the distance.

All age groups travel the many hours to reach basic services and now with the opening of the aid post, their travel time will lessen and costs will decrease bringing medical attention to service the six villages Oroi, Nabua Paka, Delena, Poukama, Nikura and Iare.

Arthur Teana who is the Congregation Secretary & Delena Ward 10 Community Chairman was grateful to Mr Iduhu on behalf of his people.

“From 2008 to 2012 during Paru Aihi’s term, there were two nurses serving the communities. From 2012 up until now, there has not been any medical staff for 10 years and we have been struggling. The communities around here would like to thank Keith Iduhu’s KI Community Development Program for initiating this project.”

Mr Iduhu said the aid post originally was completely dilapidated, empty and without service and there was no medical worker so therefore it was evident that there is a breakdown in healthcare in the rural sector in central province.

“This has been the case since 2011 so this initiative was one we thought would do great justice to our people in Delena and the catchment area, basically around Nabua and Iyare, Oroi and Nikura. So we thought this is a wise judgement and to extend our resources and to extend our hearts,” he said.

Mr Iduhu also hopes that more can be achieved than just opening a facility and that appropriate authorities can incorporate into their forward planning a maternal wing facility in the near future more so than a plan on paper.

Carol Kidu