water supply

Clean water for Yambo

The project, funded by Nawaeb District Development Authority, began in May and was completed this week.

Local MP, Theo Pelgen had made a commitment to the community back in 2023 when he last visited the village.

Just like most parts of rural Papua New Guinea, access to clean drinking water has been a longstanding challenge until the Nawaeb DDA took note of the issue and allocated funding in May.

MP Pelgen said this project will extend into Yambo Village 2 and will cover over 5,000 people, including children, people with disabilities and the elderly.

Papa water consultation

During the festive season, Member Iduhu attended a community meeting at Papa village in Central’s Hiri West, to discuss water supply challenges affecting Papa, Bogi, and Metago.

Village leaders, Water PNG, LABA Holdings and representatives of the Hiri Koiari District Development Authority attended the meeting with villagers.

Yalu welcomes running water

The Yalu bore water project, valued at K245,762, was opened on Saturday, May 13th, by the Ahi Hope Foundation, Ahi Prudential Development and village elders.

Woman leader, Ngawi Buno, said they used to have running water from a dam until around three years ago when youths in the village damaged some pipes.

“Pasin blo bikhet na ol i katim wara na bagarapim wara,” she said. (Because of misbehaviour and our water supply was damaged.)

Water supply project for ENB wards

Today at Gunanba Elementary School, drilling for water started, thanks to KVULLG and partners, Isam Drillers and Barlow Industries following a brief gathering to signify the commencement of the project worth K250, 000 that is expected to benefit a population of 4, 000 in the two wards.

Present at the occasion were Kokopo Mayor Isidor Bonga, Gunanba ward member Marcello Wagaia, Ngunguna ward member Augustine Pabet, KVULLG Health Inspector Relvie Taplar, Oxy Aron from Isam Drillers and residents from the two wards.

Water supply for Pomio Health Centre

It serves a catchment area of around 8,000 people scattered around the hinterland of Pomio and coastal areas of the local level government. 

It is up to 20 minutes boat ride from the Pomio District Administrative Centre at Palmalmal.

Although located near the banks of the Matale River, until recently, the Pomio Health Centre never had access to reliable and constant water on-site. Patients had to go to the river to wash, including immediately after giving birth, and staff had to search for safe drinking water for patients. 

Tauruba Water supply

The community needs consistent water supply to make toilets that are at the standard that the ODF program requires.

Anis Foundation, as the implementer of the ODF further assured Tauruba Community that it will assist in bringing in the water supply to make the toilets international standards.

Misima water system upgrade

Minister for Tourism, Arts & Culture and Samarai-Murua MP, Isi Henry Leonard, says funding was secured in December 2020 to purchase the pipes, which will supply water to the township.

“Last year December I managed to provide funding and send some of our officers to Alotau to purchase all the water piping system for the upgrading of our two dams that provide fresh water to the township of Bwagoia and surrounding villages,” stated the Minister.

Are national leaders neglecting their people?

Sheer negligence has resulted in the damage of water pipes worth K12 million, says Daru Island Town Mayor, Samuel Wingu.

Wingu states the Island receives water from the mainland through pipes connected beneath the sea.

However, after years of exposure to climate change and the oceanic’s acidic levels, the pipes are damaged beyond repair.

Wingu further explained there were plans to repair the Island’s water supply system by the PNG Sustainable Development Program Limited however, these K12 million pipes went up in flames.

Water supply helps villagers


The two villages will now have access to 40 taps of water located in different areas of the village including the Papa primary school, Bogi and Metago.

Although the water supply will be supplied for free for the first 17 days, the grace period will end on the 31st of December, taking note of the day the supply started.

Meantime, the struggle will be final lessened for villagers and especially the women folk .

Hela hospital gets permanent water supply

The hospital ran out of water late last year creating an emergency situation that seriously affected its capacity to care for patients and staff.