Steel door safeguards clinic

BSP Goroka Branch Manager, Rosemary Mawe and Director Public Health Services, Dr. Max Manape cut the ribbon to officiate the launch. 

Lopi Clinic in Goroka, Eastern Highlands has experienced continuous break-ins in recent times. BSP has stepped in to prevent any more breaking and entering, and theft.

Mawe said BSP responded to this request by the clinic because this clinic serves a wider community.  

ITI Fostering Education and Development

Over the years, ITI has provided 80 scholarships, with 56 awarded to Eastern Highlands Province students and 24 to students in Simbu Provincial.

ITI's Sales and Marketing Manager, John Sally, reaffirmed the institute's commitment to both provinces, emphasizing that they are here to stay and expand their support. The institution has recently extended scholarships to schools in the area, demonstrating their dedication to education and community development.

Leaked exam paper claims linked to EHP school

Secretary for Education Dr Uke Kombra announced this in Port Moresby today following investigations.

He said investigations into this allegation revealed that the sealed exam paper had been cut open prior to the students sitting for the exam.

He said after reports circulated of leaked examination papers, the Department of Education launched an investigation and found that the sealing on the Grade 10 examination paper at the private school was cut with a razor blade and taped afterwards.

Goroka without power

PNG Power said the cause of this disruption is the malicious damage on a transformer at the Himotovi Substation located just outside the township.

Vital services in Goroka town have been affected since 11am yesterday, with the Goroka General Hospital operating on back-up generator, same goes for banks and schools.

Goroka is currently reliant on locally generated diesel power, albeit with scheduled load shedding measures in place to conserve resources.

‘Pikinini Festival’ included in 2023 Goroka Show

One of the highlights of this year's event will be the ‘Pikinini Day’ or Pikinini Festival scheduled for September 15, where children will don their traditional attire or "bilas" to promote and embrace their cultural heritage.

Keryn Hargreaves, Chairlady of the Goroka Show stressed the importance of passing on cultural knowledge to the younger generation. She emphasized that culture is the cornerstone of identity and must be preserved for the future.

UOG prepares for VC Cup showdown

Defending champions, the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) Pythons, will be defending their title this year, after winning the cup in a fiery grand final match against the University of Technology (Unitech) Spartans in Port Moresby, in 2021.

UPNG has assembled three teams; two from the main campus including defending champions, the UPNG Pythons. The Third UPNG Team is Medfac from the School of Medicine, Taurama campus.

NFA sponsors Goroka show

The cheque was presented to the Goroka Show Society by Jonathan Manieva, NFA Executive Manager of the Provincial Support and Industry Development Unit (PSID).

“It is important that our money reaches the community grassroot level. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility program. It remains a focus of us to maintain consistency in how we disperse support, and through supporting ground level events like this, we hope to maintain a strong link between our work in Port Moresby and positively impacting our people in the provinces,” said MR Manieva.  

Teens on charity mission

Both McPolly and Tyson Petri travelled from Mt Hagen to Goroka to give food to prison inmates.

The charity's mission is to assist the less fortunate members of the community. Their father, Koiya Peri, had started this and sadly left this gesture of kindness behind when he died.

Late Peri was a prominent Lawyer and Managing Partner with Warner Shand Lawyers at the time of his passing in Mt Hagen.

Both boys also provided food to sick children at the Goroka hospital, the Goroka Police cell remandees and the homeless people on the streets of Goroka town.  

Community Health Post For Gorohanota

This has been promised by their local Member for Parliament, Aiye Tambua.

Tambua told the people during a recent visit, that the government at all levels are aware of the total population in the area and have realized that it is necessary to put up a functional community health post.

However he said when this health post is up and running, it will also serve hamlets of 4, 5, 6 and 7 Mile, Kafuku, Kefamo, Kotuni, Kabiyufa, Hela Massy and others.  

NAC Starts Peak Period Ops

This special Christmas operations will include collaboration with the Royal PNG Constabulary. This has been set up at the Jacksons Airport including, Mount Hagen, Goroka, Nadzab and Madang airports.

At the Jacksons airport, three security checkpoints have been set up at key locations within to carry out appropriate security checks on vehicles and persons entering the airport area.