Eastern Highlands

EHP Lockdown

Provincial Controller and Provincial Administrator John Gimisive has issued a number of prevention measures to contain the spread of the virus, as it has already spread province-wide, reaching some of the remotest parts of the province.

Certain restrictions have been imposed.

In the statement released by Gimisive, the number of morbidities and mortalities is increasing every day.

Inmates participate in NRL clinic

NRL League Bilong Laif rugby league as a vehicle to drive important messages to schools and the surrounding communities.

It was important for them to also partner with Bihute CS in an effort to rehabilitate inmates so they are prepared for life after incarceration.

Inspector Petrus Ema, an administration officer at Bihute CS, said the NRL clinic is conducted mainly for low to medium risk prisoners. If a high risk prisoner is involved, security is increased.

AIHSS program supports Eastern Highlands

Thousands of children are set to be vaccinated against preventable diseases as the Accelerated Immunisation and Health System Strengthening (AIHSS) program supports Provincial Health Authorities to deliver immunisations and is expected to reach more than 400,000 children in Eastern Highlands province.

The AIHSS program launch event was attended by Eastern Highlands Provincial Health Authority CEO Dr Joseph Apa, Eastern Highlands Provincial Government representatives, Australian High Commissioner Jon Philp and local stakeholders.

Killings reported following clash over principal’s appointment

The conflict reportedly stemmed from the appointment of a school principal, which did not go down well with some members of the community.

Other government services were also shut down until community leaders agreed to restore peace and normalcy while police continue to do regular visits.

Numu joins Govt

The PNG One Nation Party Leader was welcomed on Wednesday by Prime Minister James Marape and coalition members.

“I am happy that Governor Numu is making that call at this juncture in this Parliaments life, and this sort of affirmation of solidarity gives certainty t our Government to hold fort until we conclude this term of parliament,” said Marape.

Numu joins the coalition Government after leaving the Government rans under the former coalition led by   Ialibu-Pangi MP, Peter O’Neill.

Asaro mudmen unhappy with copycats

They expressed their frustrations in Komunive Village in the Asaro Valley of Eastern Highlands, in the presence of Tourism Arts and Culture Minister, Emil Tammur, Tourism Promotion Authority CEO, Jerry Agus and Eastern Highlands Deputy Governor Eastern Highlands, John Mipo.

EHP official denies rumours of hijacking

A candidate in the Goroka open seat recently posted pictures on social media alleging that people are voting at will, without any control from the polling officials.

Koupa, when asked about the claims, said the presiding officer, at that time, allowed that to happen in order to complete polling on time.

"Sometimes, when polling is late, the presiding officer had to act on the best interest of the people by allowing them to vote and really don't need to call the roll."

"To me it's not hijacking of the election process," Koupa stated.

​EHP: Daulo polling deferred

One of the districts currently in this situation is Daulo.

With a voting population of about 48,000, candidates say the updated Electoral Roll does not match the voting population.

Spokesperson Benny Kimisive states: “We cannot cast our vote now as it will be illegal because most of the election materials are not ready.

“Even the polling venues have not been allocated yet,” he said.

The other issue the candidates raised was the gazetted polling areas, where most of the venues have been changed.

​Election boss raises concern on funding

However, he is confident to deliver the election in the province on time despite this financial situation.

He said this election is dedicated to the people and they cannot sit and worry about the funding but to go ahead with the polling schedules.

Koupa told Loop PNG that the funds budgeted to them was less compared to the previous elections.

He claims they were only given K900,000 for the election operations.

Security personnel commence election operations

Eastern Highlands Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent Alex N’Drasel said 700 personnel from NCD, Lae and Madang will be joining the 316 local police officers.

Police from NCD and Lae, including CS officers have already arrived in the province.

PPC N’Drasel said the PNG Defence Force Quick Response Unit will be arriving this week.

The province has been divided into two commands for Election Security Operation - an Eastern and Western Command.

The Commanders of the two zones are responsible for security there.