National Fisheries Authority (NFA)

NFA Visits Philippines Tuna Capital

General Santos City fondly known as the Tuna capital of the Philippines, thousands of tuna are caught there on a daily basis. Aside from fresh tuna, General Santos is the largest producer of corn, coconuts, pineapples, asparagus, exotic fruits, and even rice.

The visit to this particular region gave the NFA delegation direct information and ideas on the best implementation plan for the Fisheries Strategic Plan 2021-2030 to achieve its goals.

General Santos boasts the modern fish port in Philippines and greatly supports the country’s revenue.

NFA Sees Change In Market Requirements

NFA during a presentation at the World Food Safety Day, Acting Manager for the Audit Certification Unit, Josephine Komboi highlighted the importance of developing the National Fish and Fishery Products Standard and its experience and market dimensions and access, which is a help to global trading market.  

Mouk Fishermen homebound for Manus

For years the Mouk Fisheries Cooperative established by the locals engaged in the fishing business using 23-footer fiberglass dinghies and outboard motors, however, the cost of fuel outweighed their catch due to limited time at sea to increase their catch making it unsustainable for these fishermen.

Mud Crab Fishery Plan reviewed

Since 7th October 2019, the gazette National Mud Crab Management Plan is the first gazette management plan review and consultation workshop conducted by NFA to purposely address implementation issues, provide information on the biology, ecology and socioeconomics that impact this fishery and to ensure effective management and sustainability of this mud crab fishery going forward.

The Management Plan as per gazette will be reviewed by the NFA every two (2) years or at such earlier time as the NFA Managing Director or the NFA Board shall direct.

NFA And Nasfund sign Strategic Agreement

The MOU was signed by NFA Acting Managing Director Justin Ilakini, and Nasfund Chief Executive Officer Ian Tarutia, enabling the country’s fisheries regulator, and leading superannuation provider. This collaboration will allow more fisheries communities to save for retirement.

JICA Chief Rep Visits NFA

Papua New Guinea through the NFA and the Government of Japan through JICA and OFCF have established a strong fisheries diplomacy since 2006 after the resigning of the Fishing Access Agreements between NFA and the Japanese Far Seas Purse Seiners Association (Kaimaki).

Fisheries Donation To Kidney Foundation

It is the first time for NFA to donate to PNGKF, though not the first time to donate to the health sector and community at large. A delighted Chairman of the PNG KF, Sir Martin Poh expressed appreciation for the kind donation.
“We’ve been operating for the past 11 years and I was so happy when my CEO told me that there’s a donation from the Fisheries, I just came here to get this message and I’d like to thank you so much for the support,” Sir Martin said.

Langendrowa Needs Empowerment Programs

Community Councilor Ward 9 at Moukland, Dominic Chamilou thanked NFA and delegates for acknowledging the rural areas and the rate of poverty that has been in their society for years. With help from NFA’s and its partners, the peoples’ livelihood is sure to improve in the work surrounding cooperatives. 

NFA Visits Holona Market

The Holona Fishing Cooperative Society Ltd of Pak Island, Hahai Village Ward 2 in the Rapatona LLG of Lorengau, Manus Province has been facing issues with the Fisheries Aggregated Device (FAD) and their fisheries businesses.

The officials of NFA and invited delegates traveled rough seas to Pak Island shores to deliver a need that is hoped to impact the people for the better.

NFA Visits Seaweed Project

NFA Deputy Managing Director, Nowan Pakop led the Resource Team were received by ward council officials to observe the seaweed project that has been a success even though they had just started.

The Seaweed project is a community initiative with everyone engaged despite challenges faced, they remained positive to see the project grow.