Eastern Highlands Province

Eastern Highlands Set For Polls

Provincial Election Manager Steven Kaupa told this newsroom via mobile phone that all the sensitive and non-sensitive election materials have arrived in the province.

“Preparation is going well. We are trying to have our polling this Friday but unfortunately it has been deferred to July 12.

Airlifting Ballot Papers, A Concern In EHP

Provincial Election Manager, Steven Kaupa said his team is planning to airlift the ballot papers one day early before polling but airlifting them will be a challenge.

They will be airlifting materials to remote areas like Marawaka areas towards the remote Yalia and Namari LLGs as well as the remote parts of Lufa.

“Returning Students Must Be Tested”

Director of Curative Health Services, Dr Max Manape confirmed that so far there were 10 fresh cases reported including an Omicron case.

“We have one confirmed Omicron case being admitted. The rest are COVID-19 cases of which six reported from Goroka Base, two in Henganofi and one in Daulo. The one Omicron case as we know from contact tracing, originated from South Africa where the carrier is a mine worker,” Dr. Manape said.

PILAG Extends Training To EHP

Resis was grateful that the PILAG training program will be delivered to public servants in the district.

This initiative was realized when PILAG partnered with the Eastern Highlands Provincial Administration and the Unggai/Bena District Administration to come up with a funding of K45,000 which was handed over to the senior officer of  PILAG in Goroka on Friday last week. The funding will kick-start the public servants’ training programmes in Eastern Highlands province.

Community Health Post For Gorohanota

This has been promised by their local Member for Parliament, Aiye Tambua.

Tambua told the people during a recent visit, that the government at all levels are aware of the total population in the area and have realized that it is necessary to put up a functional community health post.

However he said when this health post is up and running, it will also serve hamlets of 4, 5, 6 and 7 Mile, Kafuku, Kefamo, Kotuni, Kabiyufa, Hela Massy and others.  

Businessman Supports EHP COVID Efforts

Local businessman, Raymond Naria, owner of Tawi Builders and Hardware Suppliers in Goroka was one of the first individuals to front up at the Eastern Highlands Provincial Health Authority (EHPHA) head office and donated K10,000 to assist the fight against COVID-19.

Other business houses, organisations as well as individuals have donated in cash, food, water bottles, oxygen cylinders and various other supplies to support the health authorities.

When making the donation late last week, Mr Naria said the increase in COVID-19 deaths in Goroka and the province is frightening.

Curfew Imminent In EHP

An urgent meeting of the Provincial COVID-19 Response team held today has announced a 12-hour curfew is imminent and would start on Friday 01st of October at 5pm and ends at 6am.


The response team headed by the provincial administrator, John Gimiseve said the curfew is a response to the increase in COVID-19 cases in EHP.

Eastern Highlands is classified as one of the high risk provinces and has been well prepared for the pandemic, however with the arrival of the new Delta Variant the facilities have now proven inadequate.

Ramu 1 Royalties Due

Minister for Public Enterprise and State Investment, William Duma said the issue is a legacy issue that in time, will be rectified through review and re-negotiation.

Eastern Highlands Governor, Peter Numu expressed frustration for his people in regards to royalty payments.

He said, “Ever since the establishment of Yonki Dam or Ramu 1, the provincial government and the landowners have not benefitted from any royalties as the natural resource owners. Absolutely zero.”

Everyday People: Kaye Pokana

Every day we tend to our flowers, plant flowers and also respond to requests for hiring. So we arrange flowers for decorations as well. There are pot plants for hire which we arrange for clients. We also do decorations for funerals, weddings, or graduations.

When there are small ceremonies around the town they used to call us so we arrange decorations for them. That’s how we earn our income.

This is our everyday life. So far I have 180 people registered under our organization. There are others who are interested but have not yet registered.

UN Women Celebrate Youth Day

The workshop was aimed at introducing and building understanding of the Sanap Wantaim strategy and tools for use.  

As part of celebrations to mark the International Youth day, UN Women engaged the 33 young people from 12 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to increase awareness on their role towards achieving gender equality.  The CSOs come under the Spotlight Initiative and Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF).