Eastern Highlands Province

TVI launch community hall

Recognizing the need to promote education and increase literacy rates within the Seigu Community of Goroka in the Eastern Highlands Province, CleanGen Leaders from the University of Goroka applied for and were awarded a CleanGen Innovation Grant to build a Multi-Purpose Hall at the Mercy Quashie Early Learning School.

The Voice Inc. (TVI), through the grant program, provided funding support of K10,000.00 for the project.

EHP immunization coverage low

Director for Public Health Services, Dr. Max Manape stated that the reason for this was because many people in the province and other parts of the country had refused to bring their children thinking that it is the COVID vacation being administered during immunization.

He made this remark during the meeting with a multi-party delegation of Australian MPs, including opposition leaders and delegates from the Global Health Asia Pacific who are in the country for a five-day trip to research and assess the development of pressing issues affecting communities in Papua New Guinea.

Honey Farmer Urge Gov’t For Support

Principal of Bee Supplies, Ian Mopafi based in Korefegu said it is important for government, Small Medium & Enterprises Corporation (SMEC) and other line agencies in the SME sector to fund existing businesses.

“This is because SMEC and the Provincial SME coordination office around PNG do not have proper statistics and data. Over the years many SME businesses missed to apply for funds or starting capital,” he stated.

Currently, Usino Bees Supplies employed 20 locals and provide training for youth and SME groups; and schools involved in the SME space.   

EHP Maternal Waiting Hut Opened

The Waniati Maternal Waiting Hut (WMWH) in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, is a place dedicated especially to pregnant women in disadvantaged situations.

Through Digicel Foundation’s Community Grant Support Program, the association was able to construct a postnatal building in Okiufa Village within Goroka district, adding to its facility a much-needed hand in housing mothers who usually find it difficult during the repatriation process. 

Kaupa confident with EHP counting

Steven Kaupa expressed his confidence last week in Goroka during the early preparation of the country venue.
Speaking from NSI Counting centre, Kaupa said counting has been organized in LLGS of the 8 districts.

Kaupa said LLGs from Daulo to Goroka, Unggai-Bena, Lufa, Okapa, Henganofi, Kainantu and Obura-Waninara is progressing. 

Organising the counting in LLGs is fast tracking the process.

EHP counting to commence

Provincial Election Manager Steven Kaupa said training for counting officials for the eight districts was completed yesterday (Monday 18th July).

“We will count each morning from 8.00am till 9.00pm each day. We will be in full strength tomorrow,” Kaupa told this newsroom.

He said all the ballot boxes from the polling teams have arrived at the National Sports Institute and counting will commence thereafter.

Kaupa Backs Women Candidates

Kaupa said that of the 389 candidates contesting in Eastern Highlands, nine are women.
"Of the nine women contesting, I just want to tell you that you have stood out for the womenfolk.
This was the opportunity for women to vote. We set the election activity plan for women to have their own polling booth as well the the common roll for women,” Kaupa said.
However, he emphasized, “If the womenfolk did not vote well in this election, they should not talk about contesting the elections in the future."

EHP Counting On Monday

Province Election Manager, Steven Kaupa has confirmed that with this newsroom.

He explained that the delay was with the transporting of ballot boxes from some parts of Okapa and Oburawonenara not reaching the counting centre yet.

Kaupa said these are remote areas only accessible by chopper. 

However, he is optimistic that all the ballot boxes will be transported to the counting centre at the National Sports Institute this weekend.

Police Arrest 86 Over Ballot Boxes

Of the total, eight are women and six are school children.
Daulo Returning Officer, John Kopi said the ballot boxes were from the Polling Team 40 covering the Watabum LLG area.
They (suspects) marked all the ballot papers but without the signature of the Presiding Officer or Assistant Returning Officer.
Mr Kopi added that these are the remaining ballot boxes from Daulo that is expected to be brought to the counting venue. Unfortunately, they hijacked the two ballot boxes.
Meantime, Kopi said counting will commence tomorrow as planned.

Kainantu Prepares For Polls

Assistant Returning Officer for Kamano, Dani Sikive said time is not on their side as they try to distribute the ballot papers to various polling venues.

Mr Sikive said while candidates have raised concerns that many of their supporters don't have names in the electoral roll, polling officials will try their best to finish all the polling today in preparation for  counting.