Powes Parkop

Women graduate with life skills

The training was facilitated by the sisters of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate (DMI) from the Port Moresby Catholic Archdiocese.

The women attended a one month’s course on life skills in the areas of cooking and sewing in November last year under the “Inspire Inclusion” program run by the nuns.

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop was pleased to see women being engaged in learning life skills and shared with the women them their importance in the community.

Citywide recovery effort

The program aimed to extend support to local businesses and restore normalcy after the unfortunate events of mayhem, destruction, looting, and burning that occurred in the city on January 10, 2024.

Emphasizing on the initiative’s significance in rebuilding trust and confidence within the city, Governor Parkop expressed his gratitude to ACDP volunteers for this crucial clean-up endeavour. He also thanked all the city residents, volunteers, communities, and everyone who came out within their areas to clean up. 

Climate Change remains a threat: Parkop

These were remarks made by NCD Governor Powes Parkop at the 2nd Climate Change Summit, which concluded in Port Moresby today.

Governor Parkop said the summit brought out the importance of the commitment that was made by the government to protect the natural environment.

“I want to remind all of us again about our commitment towards addressing climate change one of which is the Paris Agreement; what we Papua New Guineans have (committed) to the Paris Agreement.

Village resort supports mangrove rehab project

NCD Governor Powes Parkop, staff of Total Energies, stakeholders, and village chiefs gathered at Koke Hanua Resort in support of this vital initiative. 

This collaborative effort with Koke Hanua Resort, a family-owned establishment by Ulato Avei, owner and General Manager, aims to regrow and restock mangroves to enhance resilience against tidal waves and safeguard mangrove species and habitats from human activities.

Trekking for tourism

The Remembrance Day 3-Day Trekking holds profound importance as it commemorates the moment when PNG soldiers united as a cohesive force, transcending tribal and clan boundaries for the first time.

The battle of Kokoda symbolized the convergence of two nations - Australia and PNG.

PNG Hosts Simultaneous Ceremony of the Coronation

The ceremony was conducted simultaneously with the live coronation ceremony in London, United Kingdom, to showcase the country's profound appreciation for the monarchy and its membership in the Commonwealth.

Parkop emphasized the significance of being a member of the Commonwealth, not to extend the British Empire but to establish a community of nations based on shared values and history.

All services are for Central people too: Parkop

Governor Parkop made this pledge during a presentation of materials recently in Sorgeri for local business owners of camp sites and guest houses.

Deputy Central Governor Willie Vave suggested the need for a district office for Central Province, to which Governor Parkop expressed his willingness to partner with Iduhu to achieve this.

Governor Parkop also announced that funds have been allocated to build markets in the area, and it is up to Iduhu and his team to determine their location.

Transforming Boroko to former glory

Speaking during the opening of the meeting, Governor Parkop reminisced on Boroko being the commercial and entertainment hub of the city in the 1980s. He wished to bring it back to its glory days and make it a livable CBD.

Governor Parkop said it had become a great concern to him personally and as the elected representative.

He assured stakeholders that NCDC is committed to returning Boroko to its former glory, saying it can be delivered in collaboration.

Strategic presentations were made by relevant members of the NCDC’s top management.

Parkop: Improve the lives of women

Data from across the country shows that women and girls still face enormous challenges, including the high risk that they will be a victim of sexual or physical violence in their lifetimes, that they may die while trying to give birth and often cannot access necessary health services, and that they still have difficult accessing a proper education or finding a job that pays enough.

Governor Parkop resumes duties

In a statement, the Governor expressed gratitude for the support he received during his recovery and thanked everyone who had sent their good wishes.  

"I am grateful to be alive and thank God for giving me another chance to serve the people of NCD and our nation," he said.  

"As I have always said, let us rise as One People, One City, and heading towards One Future."