NCD Governor

Trekking for tourism

The Remembrance Day 3-Day Trekking holds profound importance as it commemorates the moment when PNG soldiers united as a cohesive force, transcending tribal and clan boundaries for the first time.

The battle of Kokoda symbolized the convergence of two nations - Australia and PNG.

Transforming Boroko to former glory

Speaking during the opening of the meeting, Governor Parkop reminisced on Boroko being the commercial and entertainment hub of the city in the 1980s. He wished to bring it back to its glory days and make it a livable CBD.

Governor Parkop said it had become a great concern to him personally and as the elected representative.

He assured stakeholders that NCDC is committed to returning Boroko to its former glory, saying it can be delivered in collaboration.

Strategic presentations were made by relevant members of the NCDC’s top management.

Governor Parkop recovering well

Governor Parkop is recovering at the Gold Coast University Hospital in Australia.
In a media statement released today, the Deputy Governor said Governor Parkop was said to have had complications arising from a cardiac procedure performed recently that led to internal bleeding.
Toka confirmed Governor Parkop is currently in a stable condition and recovering.

Women Urged To Mobilise For Equal Participation

In a recent meet, he urged women leaders in PNG to come together to ensure their voice is heard. His call comes at a time when a bill on establishing five proposed reserved seats for women was shelved for the next term in Parliament.
Governor Parkop spoke during a workshop themed ‘Practice Parliament for Aspiring Women’ leaders recently on public speaking, debate policy issues relevant to their voters and mock Parliament, saying the current Parliament lacks female representation, which speaks volumes about the kind of men folk there are in the country.

Upgraded COVID-19 strategies for NCD

Responding to misinformation on social media, taskforce chairman and NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, said the COVID-19 pandemic is real.

“We must accept that it’s here. The sooner we accept and come to terms the better and faster we can respond and reduce and eliminate infection and transmission,” said Governor Parkop.

We can all help to stop the spread if we undertake the following protocol:

Work towards your goals, encourages Governor

In his New Year message, NCD Governor Powes Parkop said: “Make sure you keep the goals as simple as possible. Use the SMART strategy – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

“But, you can also be innovative and creative too. Whatever goals you set, make sure you work out the process needed to achieve them. Otherwise, 2020 will be just another 2019.

NCD Governor calls for responsibility

Speaking at the end of the Active City Development program’s weekly Walk and Yoga for Life at the Paga Hill Ring Road on Sunday, Parkop admitted that the Municipal Government, with the support from the National Government, cannot solve all the development challenges in the city alone.

Parkop supports Blockchain Pasifik

The Governor believes that this breakthrough technology which the event aims to promote is a vital stepping stone in the country’s development.

More details about this partnership will be revealed at an official press launch on July 3 where the Governor will make several major announcements.

Blockchain Technology is taking the digital world by storm with its applications in digital currencies, ledger structures, decentralised identity, markets, and basically any working system or information that can be stored and operated via this decentralised database.

Parkop responds to St John attack

He understands that the number of police personals requested for the Fun Run was inadequate due to availability and suggested private security firms to be involved in the future.

The Governor further suggested for organizers in such big events to do more awareness in the community so they can understand better the purpose of the event so they respect it.



Parkop calls for PM to address ‘Sports Politics’

Governor Parkop said it was a said situation in the country where popular sporting codes administrations had been politicised affecting the potential of PNG athletes.

Governor Parkop said in parliament today that “sports Politics’ at the administrative level severely impacted PNG’s competiveness in sports affecting young sports men and women.

He pointed out the codes Soccer and Rugby Union which in the recent past made headlines over its administrations.