Climate Change

World now sees twice as many days over 50C

They also now happen in more areas of the world than before, presenting unprecedented challenges to human health and to how we live.

The total number of days above 50C has increased in each decade since 1980. On average, between 1980 and 2009, temperatures passed 50C about 14 days a year.

The number rose to 26 days a year between 2010 and 2019.

In the same period, temperatures of 45C and above occurred on average an extra two weeks a year.

Video highlights climate crisis

On Ormot Island in the Morobe province, the islanders share the impacts of the shrinking islands due to the rise in sea level.

Ormat Islander Sipora Nargara said, “We are islanders. We live on fish and there is no fish where they wanted us to resettle. We are not used to life there.”

In Milne Bay, provincial disaster officer Steven Tobessa said the province has over 600 small islands and atolls. He anticipates locations for these islanders in the near future.

Action On Climate Change

The two-day virtual meeting is a lead up to the COP26 Conference on Rainforest of Nations in Glasgow, Scotland in November this year.

Minister Mori said PNG has become a victim of climate change, an issue that we did not create.

The Carteret Islanders in Bougainville are the first climate change refugees in the world. The rising sea levels have forced them to leave their island to resettle on the mainland.

Climate Change a Priority

The discussion was focused on the new framework of the European Union-PNG Partnership under the new soon to be adopted Europe Union -Caribbean and the Pacific Agreement (EU-ACP Agreement).

Both leaders have agreed for the Department of Environment Conservation and Climate Change to play the leading role in implementing the key areas in responding to climate change in the country.

The new partnership under the new EU-ACP Agreement is aligned with the EU Green Deal global ambition for climate change action and biodiversity preservation.

Studies Confirm Climate Change Irreversible

He has now appealed to citizens to collectively address climate change by planting trees and mangroves to mitigate carbon concentration. 

The Minister said the findings are alarming and has also warned that we brace ourselves to the impacts of climate change.

“In parts of the country, we are now experiencing dry spell where we are now at a situation where daily temperature is rising.

“We will have temperature above what is normal and that will affect the livelihood of our people.

Way Forward For Climate Change

He said a new concept which is currently in discussion, is something countries of bigger economies are looking into, to support the little island countries

The Paris Climate Agreement 2019, made as part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change set a common goal where all the nations are to keep their carbon emissions reduced to around 1.5 degrees Celsius, from where it was during the pre-industrial era.                                                                                                                                                      

Climate Change Campaign Launched

The program is part of NCD’s campaign for 2021 World Environment Day in Port Moresby.  This is the first event to start a weeklong series of events highlighting efforts in support of World Environment Day theme ‘Ecosystem Restoration’.

Support environment conservation

Parkop expressed his concerns during a Press Conference hosted by the Minister for Environment Conservation and Climate Change, Wera Mori in Port Moresby.

Recently while focusing on issues of Climate Change affecting Bougainvlle, Parkop raised concerns about the degradation of the forests, expressing that not enough is being done about its conservation. 

Climate Change Concerns-Mori

The Minister for Environment Conservation and Climate Change says the government is not standing by doing nothing.

Wera Mori is taking practical steps in addressing the issue head-on.

Minister Mori called a press conference recently to express concerns about the effects of climate change on the environment especially in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

He referred to the suspension of the recent Parliament sitting due to Covid-19.

He said COVID-19 is a consequence remotely related to Climate Change because of the increasing temperature.

Turn back dial: UK

Climate change is an emergency happening now and it is being compounded by COVID-19 – with the impacts most severe in developing countries. 

In the UK’s role as President of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), which they are hosting in Glasgow in November, they are working with impacted countries to put their voices at the centre of decision-making.