Climate Change

Climate change impacting agriculture in the Highlands

Harvesting is happening earlier or later than usual. National Research Institute (NRI) in its latest reports writes that these are pieces of evidence of climate change which has and is threatening the food security of local communities.

There is often a gender gap in agriculture and women face more constraints than men in accessing resources, markets, and services. Women farmers tend to face more challenges than men because of low literacy, societal and cultural norms and their responsibilities in the family. 

Pacific leaders call for more action

The 28th UNFCCC global climate negotiations are drawing record crowds and set to exceed 60,000-plus attendance records for the COP Presidency led by Forum and Pacific delegations, like many at the recent COP, featured increased numbers of youth voices to help amplify the Pacific urgency and future-facing focus for climate ambition, climate action and climate justice at the COP28.

Papua LNG’s ambitious Environment Initiative

TotalEnergies launched its Zero Net Deforestation (ZND) policy for all new projects across the company in March 2022 and PNG was the first country to implement this policy.

The ZND policy requires that any unavoidable deforestation of the forest cover is compensated by, at least, an equal area replanted elsewhere. 

In partnership with the PNG Forest Authority (PNGFA), the core of the Papua LNG ZND project covers four projects: Afforestation, Biodiversity, Mangrove Rehabilitation & Conservation and Sandalwood Conservation.

Climate pact unites China with Pacific Islands

The recent 'Second China-Pacific Island Countries Workshop on Climate Change' and the 'High-level Pacific Island Countries Climate Action Dialogue' marked pivotal moments in the joint commitment to combat climate challenges in the Pacific region.

Representatives from Pacific Island Countries engaged in discussions focusing on climate governance, regional responses, terrestrial ecosystems, marine ecology, and ocean governance during the two-week events held in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, China.

K344m package to preserve environment

The financial support is dedicated to preserving nature, forests, and mitigating climate impact.

Papua New Guinea, boasting the world's third-largest primary rainforest, holds 7 per cent of the planet's biodiversity.

This innovative 'country package' represents a groundbreaking financing mechanism arising from an international dialogue seeking to fortify North-South solidarity. Its objectives include:

Marape commends USA, China on climate change response

Marape commended US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping most prominent leaders of APEC for their firm commitment to migrate from heavy fossil fuel to clean green energy and net zero emissions by 2050.

“I commend President Biden and President Xi for this remarkable step they have taken. They have made a firm commitment to migrate from heavy fossil fuel to clean green energy and a net zero emission by 2050. This is a big commitment, especially for their countries, which depend heavily on the use of fossil fuels.

Kiribati President Reluctant for Climate Agreement with Australia

The Falepili Union — inked by Mr Albanese and Mr Natano at the end of the Pacific Islands Forum leaders meeting in Rarotonga — will open a new pathway to Australian residency for Tuvalu's citizens threatened by rising seas, while giving Australia effective veto power over any new security agreements struck by the Pacific island nation.

Deadline for climate change study extended

CCDA in partnership with the Government of Australia issued the call last month for a concept note focusing on Climate Change, however, extended by another month to give ample time for the concept note to be submitted.

Funded through the PNG Australia Partnership, successful candidates will be awarded research grants to support the research project for a period of 12 months.

There are two categories of funding for this research grant: student and open category.

Matupit mitigate climate change

The aim of the program, themed "Greening the Future," was to raise awareness about the importance of mangroves and promote their conservation.

 The program received support from the district administration under the Kombiu Local Level Government, which facilitated an integrated climate change approach; incorporating the work of fisheries, agriculture, and climate change authorities.

Witnessing this small yet significant occasion were officers from the provincial fisheries division, provincial climate change unit, district officials, alongside the Matupit community.

PNG Ports multi-million kina redevelopment drive

The Daru Port in Western Province which will be redeveloped into a ‘Green Port’ will pilot this concept, says Officer In Charge of PNG Ports, Ian Hayden-Smart.

While speaking during the 2023 Developing Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure in the Blue Pacific Conference in Brisbane, last week, Hayden-Smart said this redevelopment would cost about K52 million (USD15mil).