PNG will not jeopardize traditional relations

Minister Tkatchenko’s statement follows recent concerns about a ‘Security Deal’ supposedly struck between China and Papua New Guinea.

Tkatchenko stressed that China remains one of Papua New Guinea’s biggest economic and trade partner and that Papua New Guinea will continue to work in partnership with China in that space.

Minister Tkatchenko maintains that Papua New Guinea has always respected the ‘One China Policy’ since 1975, and will continue to do so. 

"We have a long-standing and genuine relationship with China, where we can agree to disagree." 

Tkatchenko slams report on human trafficking

He said the downgrade in the human trafficking watch list produced by the United States (U.S.) is of circumstantial evidence and unproven.

National Government concerns were also expressed by Foreign Affairs Secretary Elias Wohengu, with US Charge D'Affaires Matthew Bunt in a 'please explain' meeting of parties.

Minister Tkatchenko noted that the report's conclusion that PNG's status has been downgraded from Tier 2 Trafficking In Persons (TIP) to Tier 3 in accordance with US Government standards, was a lack of good faith on its part as a key bilateral partner.

Climate pact unites China with Pacific Islands

The recent 'Second China-Pacific Island Countries Workshop on Climate Change' and the 'High-level Pacific Island Countries Climate Action Dialogue' marked pivotal moments in the joint commitment to combat climate challenges in the Pacific region.

Representatives from Pacific Island Countries engaged in discussions focusing on climate governance, regional responses, terrestrial ecosystems, marine ecology, and ocean governance during the two-week events held in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, China.

Marape commends USA, China on climate change response

Marape commended US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping most prominent leaders of APEC for their firm commitment to migrate from heavy fossil fuel to clean green energy and net zero emissions by 2050.

“I commend President Biden and President Xi for this remarkable step they have taken. They have made a firm commitment to migrate from heavy fossil fuel to clean green energy and a net zero emission by 2050. This is a big commitment, especially for their countries, which depend heavily on the use of fossil fuels.

PNG-China Trade investment surpassed

This clearly demonstrates the huge significance in maintaining and expanding the existing bi-lateral relationship with China as the superpower continues to provide the needed markets for Papua New Guinea in Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, and Oil & Gas Industries.

Prime Minister James Marape revealed this today as he provided a brief on his meetings with China’s two most senior leaders – Premier Li Qiang and President Xi Jinping, adding that the reception and opportunities for meetings accorded to him and his delegation were at the highest level.

PM arrives in China

The Prime Minister has been invited by Chinese President Xi Jinping to attend the forum to be held on Tuesday 17th and 18th October.

China's Belt and Road Initiative is a planned effort to connect Asia with Africa and Europe, fostering regional integration, trade expansion, and economic development. PNG’s participation in this initiative demonstrates its commitment for further collaboration in infrastructure development and trade.

Prime Minister Marape will engage in a series of meetings and events during his visit.

PNG-China feasibility study initiated

Minister for International Trade and Investment, Richard Maru, this week announced this crucial development on the eve of Prime Minister James Marape's scheduled state visit to China next week for the Belt and Road Summit in Beijing.

The initiation of this joint feasibility study follows an agreement reached between Prime Minister Marape and Chinese President Xi Jinping during the state visit in 2021.

Six Countries to join China and Russia in BRICS bloc

Key points:

  • More than 20 countries had formally applied to join BRICS ahead of this year's summit and more than 20 others had expressed interest
  • China and Russia have been pushing for expansion, while Brazil and India have been wary
  • The five BRICS leaders were in closed-door discussions for two days before announcing the expansion

The United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Egypt and Ethiopia were also set to enter BRICS from January 1, 2024.

Plans for PNG trade office in Shenzhen

Minister Maru looked at possible locations in Shenzhen to open a new Trade Mission following the closure of the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Trade Office in Taipei, Taiwan.

He met with the Shenzhen Government and private sector where an agreement was reached between them and the Ministry and the Department of International Trade and Investment for the new PNG Trade Mission to be in a very prestigious office building in Shenzhen.

China invites PNG medical professionals for training

This follows after the Chinese government signed a renewed protocol for the continuation of China's medical team to PNG, signalling a strong desire to continue medical and healthcare exchanges between the two countries.

The China Medical Team Leader, Chen Gang said since the inception of the team in PNG they have trained and conducted invasive healthcare services to the people of PNG and invite the PNG medical team to get medical training in overseas.