China invites PNG medical professionals for training

The Chinese government has invited Papua New Guinea medical personnel to visit China for short-term training.

This follows after the Chinese government signed a renewed protocol for the continuation of China's medical team to PNG, signalling a strong desire to continue medical and healthcare exchanges between the two countries.

The China Medical Team Leader, Chen Gang said since the inception of the team in PNG they have trained and conducted invasive healthcare services to the people of PNG and invite the PNG medical team to get medical training in overseas.

“Our China Medical Team not only works with PNG colleagues at the Port Moresby General Hospital but also invites PNG medical personnel to visit China for short-term training,” he said.

Gang said this year marks the 60th anniversary of the Chinses Government’s dispatching of China medical teams to foreign countries.

He said the first China medial team to PNG arrived in Port Moresby on 25th October 2022 and since then the Chinese Government has been dispatching China medical teams to PNG every year.

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