National Capital District Governor

Governor Parkop resumes duties

In a statement, the Governor expressed gratitude for the support he received during his recovery and thanked everyone who had sent their good wishes.  

"I am grateful to be alive and thank God for giving me another chance to serve the people of NCD and our nation," he said.  

"As I have always said, let us rise as One People, One City, and heading towards One Future." 

Residents Encouraged To Take Vaccine

In a recent press conference, NCD Governor, Powes Parkop said the Commission and major stakeholders in the city are weighing out options for a possible lockdown.        

He said they would assess the infection rate of COVID-19 and the transmission rate over the next two to three days for a possible outcome.

“At this time we want to focus on strategy that can work to stop the transmission and reduce the infection.

“If we look at lockdown, we tried it before during the first and second wave, we’ve spent a lot of time, energy and resources.

Affordable, green housing deal signed

The deal, a first of its kind for PNG, is aimed at demonstrating a model for large scale affordable housing for low- and middle income families in Port Moresby, to help ease the growth of the city’s informal settlements.  It was announced by Governor Parkop during the Pacific Urban Forum, now underway in Fiji, which is focusing on the challenges of urbanisation in Papua New Guinea and other Pacific Island nations.

Women commissioners join NCDC board

Both Elice Siki and Motu Koita Assembly Representative, Mea-Lou Isaac, were sworn in as Commissioners of the NCDC Board at the City Hall Boardroom on June 24th.

The appointments were made by Governor Parkop due to vacancies arising from the passing of late Commissioner Janet Sape and the election of new members of the Motu Koitabu Assembly. 

Parkop applauds PM on commitment

PM Marape said in a statement this week that all settlements in the city would be developed into properly planned suburbs, adding his government wants to provide proper, affordable housing for the citizens starting with the cities and towns across the country.

Governor Parkop said the project, which he initiated in July 2018, progressed well with 200 allotments that have already been created at the Nine-Mile Quarry and Eight-Mile Moitaka Ridge.

He said they were currently under the surveying stage.

Brace yourselves, says NCD Governor

His call follows bad weather warning issued by the National Weather Service.

He said the wild weather recently had caused havoc along the streets, with flash floods spilling onto the roads, making it difficult for commuters.

Parkop also called on residents and corporate citizens to take responsibility and ownership of the drains and waterways near their homes and properties by clearing off blockages.

Kramer queries yoga contract

It had been established in earlier reports that the payment is legally acquitted for by Governor Powes Parkop.

In a press conference recently, Kramer stated that under the public management act, the said contract was supposed to go through some kind of procedure before being awarded to a candidate.

Gordon health centre to reopen

A short ceremony is underway to mark the reopening.

The urban health centre was closed for 2 years due to renovation.

The now improved urban health centre boasts an extension to its patient waiting area, proper ventilation and treatment rooms.

The renovation was funded under the National Capital District Governor's Provincial Services Improvement Program and District Services Improvement Program.

Representatives from the Health Department, NCD Health Services and Gordon's Police Station Commander are in attendance.

Parkop to launch 16 days of activism

This is activism against violence and to promote gender equality and human rights in the nation’s capital.

This is not new, he said.

The initiative is that of the United Nation, which sees non-government organisations (NGO) working together to choose a time in the year to push that idea.

For this year, Governor Parkop says it will coincide with the children’s day and human rights day. But he hopes this year’s program will be elevated to another level.

PNG in denial for too long: Parkop

National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop, says this following the frequency of the issue and the horrific states reported.

The country has been in denial for too long, he continues.

As a wakeup call, the Walk for Life today was used as a campaign against violence.

Governor Parkop believes everyone should stand up against this.

“By remaining silent, being indifferent, not taking action, being in denial, we are risking our economy, the quality of life of our people. We need to stand up and make a difference.”