Powes Parkop

Party: Reducing personal income tax a priority

Included in its party policies, the SDP plans to reduce personal taxes and progressively increase the minimum tax thresholds over a period of time.

Party leader and candidate for NCD Governor seat, Powes Parkop, said they will encourage personal savings and individual spending on goods and services.

The policy outlines that the spending will lead to acceleration in economic growth, reducing the need for Government deficit.

When people save, it will lead to capital formation and investment, reducing the need for the Government to borrow.

Growing PNG economy at steady rate

Parkop highlighted that SDP is focused on returning the economic growth to 10-12 percent, like it used to be in 2012, 2013 and 2014, before it slipped down to around 2-3 percent.

Parkop says the Government needs to sustain the economy as we cannot grow the economy then let it drop again.

He explained that SDP has a multi-prolonged growth strategy that will deliver results now and sustain it over the years. These include getting the next LNG project into construction now and having a series of large capital projects properly planned and sequenced.

​Parkop’s party focuses on reviving economy

Party leader and sitting Governor for the National Capital District, Powes Parkop, says they aim to address the economic situation that the country is facing with their economic policy plan.

Parkop highlighted that the economic situation includes unemployment, debt level, money supply among people and foreign exchange crises.

The Party policies include accelerating economic growth, lowering personal taxes, creating more local jobs, promoting tourism industries and building quality infrastructure and transport.

Do not panic, NCD public advised

He said he was equally concerned and petrified by the news but after confirming with the Police Commissioner, the security company was engaged early this year to train our special police force units.

“Due to public scare and this being election time, such presence can be very misleading and can lead to people making lots of unwarranted claims to create instability in the city.”

​Parkop slams buai ban article

An article published on Friday, 5th May, is incorrect.

In a statement released by the office of the NCD Governor, it was announced that since the opening of Koki market last year, the ban would only be partially lifted.

“We also have not allowed betelnut to be sold everywhere in the city as reported by the local daily.”

The statement also mentioned that the revised strategy is to only allow regulated sale on a wholesale and retail basis that is to be sold at approved locations in the city.

The glue that held us together

This was what the National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop, said when farewelling the country’s first prime minister and retired East Sepik Governor.

“Grand Chief, we all love you and fondly refer to you as ‘Father of the nation’. Indeed, this is a title and honour you rightly deserve,” Parkop said in Port Moresby on Wednesday.  

“You are the reason for its survival and progress because you are the foundation that has held this country together for 42 years. Whether we admit it or deny it, a fact is a fact.

Politicians settle decade-long feud

The duo did a public reconciliation at the Jack Pidik Park today to announce to the public their decision now that Vele will be contesting the Rigo Open.

Vele and Parkop were rivals contesting the Governor’s seat in 2007 and 2012.

Electoral coordinator of NCD governor, Lawrence Martin said the reconciliation is a process to combine forces and introduce corporation from Vele’s supporters in NCD to help Parkop contest in this election.

Parkop was 15 minutes late: former aide

Terence Moka told Loop PNG that comments on Facebook and from certain media organization that Governor Parkop came more than an hour late for the farewell  of East Sepik Governor and PNG’s first Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare is untrue.  

“I was there at the Stadium, and Governor Parkop came 15 minutes late,” Moka said.

He said plans were cancel the event because of the rain but because Sir Michael had already arrived at Sir Hubert Murray Stadium, the event had to proceed and Governor Parkop had to rush to the stadium.

City produces 300 tonnes of solid waste daily

Statistics from the NCD Commission reveal that approximately 300 tonnes of solid waste are received daily at the city’s only landfill at Baruni.

In 2015-2016, NCD produced approximately 230,000 tonnes of waste.

About half of this waste comes from households, just over a quarter is commercial and industrial waste and the remainder is markets and public places.

NCD spends close to eight percent of its annual operating budget on managing solid waste indicate that this amount will continue to rise.

June Valley settlers call Governor for resettlement

Gomosasipo Community Association Inc., who are also part of the June Valley community have expressed concerns over their said relocation dating back to 2015.

Secretary, Garry Imiri said that they had learnt about the construction of the new road back in 2015 of which they were promised a land for relocation once the construction began.

Untill today, they are still waiting.

Members of the Gomodasipo Association had set up a land profile with each of the family heads listed down who were ready for relocation.