John Kaupa

Kaupa lauds developments

He stated that during his five years in Office, he needed to make the most for the electorate. Kaupa is urging on the people to take good care of the facilities and services provided, especially the new four-lane road.

“Thank you Prime Minister, James Marape for giving me a police station at 9-Mile, were he gave me K5million to build that police station. As you drive up and down on the 7.5km road you will see on your left hand side a beautiful modern Police station”

Kaupa retains MNE seat

Kaupa won by 18,365 votes. Runner-up Alfred Andapanga Baliawe finished with 17,580 votes. 

The member-elect exceeded the absolute majority of 18,038 votes. 

Present at the declaration was Deputy Prime Minister of the care-taker government, John Rosso, Governor for Hela Province, Philip Undialu, and runner-up Andapanga Baliawe.

Kaupa Update Today

While videos of the violent attacks flooded social media, so did the blame game of who instigated this.

Sitting Member for Port Moresby North East, John Kaupa and his supporters were alleged to have been involved. This morning Kaupa summoned the media to his home to clear his name.

However, the press conference did not eventuate because Kaupa’s supporters who were heavily armed with dangerous weapons, became restless when a fight broke out at the Six Mile market, near his home.

Allegations Against Kaupa Not Registered: Police

Superintendent in charge of NCD CID Robert Volo said "I cannot delve into or speculate on this matter as I don't have any records of this alleged incident.

He said the social media reports alleging that a policeman acquainted to the incumbent MP aided and abetted this illicit act, would be investigated if a formal complaint is also registered with the Internal Affairs Directorate.

“At this time, the report is circulating on social media, but it is not formally registered with the police,” Volo said.

Kaupa assures ATS settlers

Mr Kaupa and Pangu Party General Secretary, Morris Tovebae met with residents of Portion 695 of ATS settlement, who are currently being evicted by a company that now owns the land. 

When addressing those gathered, Mr Kaupa said he had met with the Lands Minister to discuss the matter and said the deadline for all residents to move out was by next week Sunday.

He also clarified to settlers that there was a Supreme Court order in place so any move made by him or his office to stop the eviction will be seen as a Contempt of Court.

Build City for Central

He said the Goods and Services Tax (GST) collected by the National Capital District (NCDC) goes to providing necessary services and sustaining a population of more than one million people in the nation’s capital.  

“Central Province must have their own headquarters where they can make their own money in order to collect GST,” Mr Kaupa said.  

He says creating business zones and opportunities for the generation of revenue through collection of GST would benefit the people of Central.  

Electorate to launch new website

The Member for Moresby North-East, John Kaupa, announced this in a recent press conference.

Kaupa said the website will contain updates on projects in the electorate which have been captured in his five-year development plan that commenced in 2017.

“We have a website that will be launched after New Year. So you can click onto the website and see what Moresby North-East is doing in terms of development in my electorate. There’s a lot of things that we are doing.

“My good governor and myself we are, at least, assisting each other to put our plan in place.”

Alcohol to be banned in settlements: MP

In a press briefing today, the Member for Moresby North-East, John Kaupa, said most of the problems experienced in his electorate were alcohol-related. Furthermore, following their recent NCDC Board meeting, he has realised that a majority of alcohol sales in the settlements were unlicensed, hence they were illegal.

“Starting off with Eight-Mile, three people lost their lives because of liquor. The NCDC liquor commission already put a ban on Eight-Mile, indefinite. And as per the last board meeting, the NCDC board also put a ban on all liquor sales in the settlement,” he stated.

Biggest cultural show planned

Member for Moresby North-East, John Kaupa, says his district administration is currently doing an advanced planning to make this year’s show even bigger and better.

“Our show committee is preparing in consultation with the Office of NCD Governor in hosting another successful independence show again as our nation turns 44 years old on September 16th," he said.

“Last two years my district administration has taken over the program from the Governor’s office and the turnout of people participating has been very encouraging.

Residents urged to be responsible buai chewers

Minister John Kaupa was not happy to see particularly the new roads, built by the Chinese railway construction company, being defaced by betelnut chewers.

“Our National Capital District Commission has spent a lot of taxpayer money to clean our city using physical labour as a means of creating employment for our unemployed youths and women, yet our own city residents have no respect for the city by continuously spitting the red stain on the streets and along the new roads.

“This is disrespectful and I call on every buai chewer to mind your rubbish.”