John Kaupa

Electorate to launch new website

The Member for Moresby North-East, John Kaupa, announced this in a recent press conference.

Kaupa said the website will contain updates on projects in the electorate which have been captured in his five-year development plan that commenced in 2017.

“We have a website that will be launched after New Year. So you can click onto the website and see what Moresby North-East is doing in terms of development in my electorate. There’s a lot of things that we are doing.

“My good governor and myself we are, at least, assisting each other to put our plan in place.”

Alcohol to be banned in settlements: MP

In a press briefing today, the Member for Moresby North-East, John Kaupa, said most of the problems experienced in his electorate were alcohol-related. Furthermore, following their recent NCDC Board meeting, he has realised that a majority of alcohol sales in the settlements were unlicensed, hence they were illegal.

“Starting off with Eight-Mile, three people lost their lives because of liquor. The NCDC liquor commission already put a ban on Eight-Mile, indefinite. And as per the last board meeting, the NCDC board also put a ban on all liquor sales in the settlement,” he stated.

Biggest cultural show planned

Member for Moresby North-East, John Kaupa, says his district administration is currently doing an advanced planning to make this year’s show even bigger and better.

“Our show committee is preparing in consultation with the Office of NCD Governor in hosting another successful independence show again as our nation turns 44 years old on September 16th," he said.

“Last two years my district administration has taken over the program from the Governor’s office and the turnout of people participating has been very encouraging.

Residents urged to be responsible buai chewers

Minister John Kaupa was not happy to see particularly the new roads, built by the Chinese railway construction company, being defaced by betelnut chewers.

“Our National Capital District Commission has spent a lot of taxpayer money to clean our city using physical labour as a means of creating employment for our unemployed youths and women, yet our own city residents have no respect for the city by continuously spitting the red stain on the streets and along the new roads.

“This is disrespectful and I call on every buai chewer to mind your rubbish.”

Nine-Mile settlement gets land titles

Member for Moresby North-East and Minister for Housing and Urban Development, John Kaupa, announced this during the launch of the Nine-Mile ridge community service association last Friday.

Minister Kaupa said he has submitted more than 30 applications to the Lands Department, working in line with the Urbanisation and NCDC technical teams to obtain the title.

North East ready to embrace APEC

Local Member and Housing and Urban Development Minister John Kaupa has commended the National Government and other stake holders for their tremendous effort in preparation to host the World Leaders.

“It has cost a lot of time, money and effort to organise this meeting. And our Government under the Leadership of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has strategically taken a leading role to bring all the world leaders into our country to discuss development issues of significant importance to the livelihood of our people.”

NHC clamps down on illegal acquisitions

Minister responsible for National Housing Corporation and Urban Development, John Kaupa, said the spotlight is on the illegal acquisition of the blocks of land in the K17 million National Government sanctioned project at portion 528 of the 302 hectors of land at Durand farm, in the Moresby North-East district.

Last Friday, former Moresby North-East MP and owner of the PNG Resources Corporation Ltd, Labi Amaiu, was arrested and faces fraud-related charges, said Kaupa.

Moresby community raises issues

While they welcomed road development into their community by their electoral member, John Kaupa, they are calling on the member to help them in terms of the lack of these vital resources.

The community of the ATS block have raised the concern that they have low to no water pressure.

Community policing member, Jessie Lenny, says they have been faced with the challenge of having to wake up in the early hours of the morning to fetch water.

While at times they have no water pressure at all.

Moresby North-East begins rollout of plan

The feeder road upgrading in the electorate includes the areas of Eight-Mile, ATS, Nine-Mile, Bushwara, Seven-Mile and Nine-Mile Morobe block through to the Wildlife feeder roads.

In collaboration with the National Capital District Commission physical planning and the engineering division, some of the roads are currently being upgraded to ensure Government services are accessible to those who are settling in those locations.

Moresby North-East plan launched

In a presentation attended by stakeholders, community representatives and media, the member for the district and Housing and Urbanisation Minister, John Kaupa, held a showcase of the plan.

Themed "Getting the basics up and running on the ground", the 5 year plan according to the district planner, Jimmy Williams, is set to lift the standard of life for the community. Williams also outlined 10 development areas in his overview of the district.