Paias Wingti

Ol gavana i pasim tok long sapotim Marape: Wingti

Em i tok em i wok bilong ol olsem ol lida, long mekim gutpela pasin long nem bilong kantri.

Wingti i tok bikpela laik bilong em olsem em i laikim gutpela gavman na i no long gat ol korap lida husat save mekim ol pasin nogut bilong brukim lo na bagarapim gutnem bilong kantri.

Em i tok ol lida i laikim kantri mas sanap strong na ol i mas givim olgeta sapot bilong ol long Praim Minista James Marape long karim dispel kantri i go het insait long ol kain taim bilong hevi.

Wingti not pleased with Works Dept

He said while the road works is happening, it’s not progressing as quickly as it should be.

It seems the project manager is having issues with people living along the road.

Wingti defended his people and blamed the Works Department for not handling community consultation well.

He said, prior to the commencement of the roadworks, there should have been consultation between the Works Department and the Provincial Government to handle landowner issues.

WHP urges self-reliance

But that has not dampened their spirits.

The provincial administration team is working with the little provided by the Government to empower the people to take charge of their own welfare.

The Governor for Western Highlands Province, Paias Wingti, and the Western Highlands Provincial Administration team recently presented the 2017 Services Improvement Program and the Provincial Support Grants acquittals to the Department of Rural Development and Implementation.

WHP aims for 40 secondary schools

21 of them have already been built and also officially registered in the last five years. The other 19 will be established in his second term in office, under the education development program.

Governor Wingti made this known last Friday at Baiyer District Headquarters during the commissioning of the district development authority members.

Wingti said his next dream is to partner with existing universities within the country and abroad to establish open campus in the province.

Wingti, Pato, Parkop and Kaupa arrive in Alotau

Accompanying him this afternoon from Port Moresby are Wapenamanda MP Rimbink Pato, NCD Governor Powes Parkop and newly elected MP for Moresby North-east John Kaupa.

The arrival of these four members now bring the total to 50 MPs currently in the Alotau camp.

Meantime, the incumbent Prime Minister and Ilaibu Pangia member re-elect, Peter O’Neill will be arriving with other MPs this evening as well.


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VIDEO: Wingti retains his seat

Provincial Returning Officer Gabriel Kiap declared him as governor elect for the province around 11 o’clock this morning at Kiminiga Countign Center.


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Duma slaps Wingti in Parliament Chamber

MPs present in the Chamber were shocked as they witnessed something most  unusual happened.

Hagen MP and State Enterprises Minister William Duma walked straight to Western Highlands Governor and former Prime Minister Paias Wingti and slapped him on the face and walked off.

The motive behind Duma’s action's are not known.

Members beside Wingti had to walked over and comfort him.

Wingti, however, was so embarrassed he left the Chamber.