​Kandiu files petition against Parkop

Second runner up for the NCD Regional seat, Michael Kandiu, has filed an election petition at the National Court against current Governor Powes Parkop and the Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato.

Kandiu revealed that he has in his possession evidence of swapped ballot papers and seals of ballot boxes that were cut through.

Kandiu came out in the media yesterday, inviting NCD Governor Parkop to come and receive the election petition which was filed in court on the 05th of September.

Kandiu came third in the race for the NCD Regional Seat and says the electoral process is systematically rigged and the Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, should be held responsible.

The three grounds on which Kandiu filed his election petition against Governor Parkop include the error and commission by the electoral commission, illegal practice by the EC and Powes Parkop under the Organic Law and an illegal and fraudulently made declaration by NCD Election Manager Alwyn Jimmy.

Kandiu was backed up by third runner up and railway engineer Robert Agen, who is in support of the election petition.

Both candidates also revealed that up to 19 ballot boxes were burnt at the Baruni area.

(Kandiu’s 2017 national elections poster)

Sophie Yaruso