Powes Parkop

NCD ready to host rugby world cup: Governor

This was stated by NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, during a phone event launch on Sunday.

“The city is ready to host the nations coming in to play against the PNG Kumuls.”

A confident Governor Parkop said the PNG Kumuls might possibly make it to the semi-finals if they train and play hard in their matches.

“We are going to deliver a successful event when the matches will be hosted here in the nation’s capital and we look forward to coming here and experiencing rugby matches the PNG way,” he said.

‘If you are fit and healthy, you’ll do anything’

The MINTT colour walk today was another initiative to promote the safe and healthy city concept in the nation’s capital.

The launch of the MINTT 4G smartphone was incorporated with Sunday Walk for Life. A shorter version of course.

It started at 7am from the Hubert Murray stadium, down past the harbour city, following the ring road and back to the stadium.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop was impressed with the turnout.

Two petitions filed against Parkop

Runner-up Michael Kandiu and former top cop, Andy Bawa both filed petitions, disputing Governor Parkop’s win.

In the petition filed by Kandiu, the former NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi and former Assistant Returning Officer in the NCD Regional seat, Bale Kavanamur, amongst others have been summoned to give evidence in the trial.

Kandiu is alleging errors and omission during the scrutiny process and illegal practices against Parkop.

City rangers no longer operational: Parkop

Parkop’s response came to light after a group of people, wearing city ranger jackets, were reportedly chasing vendors around the city.

The group of people, believed to be from the same ethnic group, were stopped by some staff of a company at Gordon when they attempted to ransack a vendor’s stall.

“I am not aware of their continued deployment,” says Parkop.

“City rangers are no longer operational.

“I am only aware of Traffic Wardens and also a cleanup campaign organised by the Management of NCDC under Community and Social Service Department.”

Parkop urges residents to be responsible

Speaking during the 42nd Independence celebrations in Port Moresby on Saturday, Parkop urged city residents to stand together and initiate change from bottom to top and top to bottom.

“I am also equally committed to making our city and our country a place of abundant opportunities for our young people with an economy that sustains our nation into the future,” says the Governor.  

VIDEO: NCD Governor subsidizes airfare for Hunters match

Lucky residents who wish to catch the Hunters grand finale showdown live will have their airfares subsidized by NCDC.
Governor Powes Parkop announced this today.


Caroline Ure



​Hunters finals: NCDC subsidises residents’ airfares

Lucky residents who wish to catch the Hunters’ showdown live will have their airfares subsidised by the National Capital District Commission.

This was announced by Governor Powes Parkop today.

The presentation of K75,000 by Governor Parkop to the Air Niugini Management today sealed the airfare subsidy deal.

Under this arrangement, the first 90 residents to book their flight on the special flight PX40005/PX4006 will leave Port Moresby at 7am on Sunday, September 24th, and return the same day, departing Brisbane at 10:15pm.

​Kandiu files petition against Parkop

Kandiu revealed that he has in his possession evidence of swapped ballot papers and seals of ballot boxes that were cut through.

Kandiu came out in the media yesterday, inviting NCD Governor Parkop to come and receive the election petition which was filed in court on the 05th of September.

Kandiu came third in the race for the NCD Regional Seat and says the electoral process is systematically rigged and the Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, should be held responsible.

VIDEO: Parkop condemns Konga killing

Governor Parkop said he was shocked and horrified at the manner in which Mr Konga was killed; in execution style.
He said this type of horrific killing has no place in our society and a trend that has to be stopped immediately.


Carolyn Ure with more 

NCD Governor launches HB appeal

National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop, launched the appeal today, saying: “By now, everyone in the city and around the country would have learnt of the tragedy that struck our big village of Hanuabada yesterday.

“On behalf of the residents of our city and as an expression of our sympathy and solidarity to the affected families, their relatives and our Motu and Koitabu people, I am launching this appeal.

“Donations can be brought to the City Hall now where my officers will be at the car park to receive and register your donations.