National Capital District Commission

City prepares for environment roadshow

The National Capital District Commission and sector partners namely Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA), Climate Change and Development Authority, and international agencies will be hosting a 3 day roadshow of events at APEC Haus, at Ela Beach.

The celebration of Environment Day at KilaKila Secondary school today, is a lead up to the 3 day roadshow which will begin on Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th of June.

Education functions transferred to NCDC

Minister Yopyyopy was a proud man delivering the fruits of what he had initiated a few years back when he was the Manager for education under the National Capital District.

“Today’s event closes the chapter in the decentralization of powers and functions in education to all provinces in Papua New Guinea.

This decision is based on the organic law on provincial and local level governments where all provinces, all provincial education division must directly come under provincial government,” he said.

Outlet inspected following complaints

After receiving a food complaint on Facebook, NCDC’s Environmental Health Officers Monica Nakilai and Jacklyn Onga inspected their butchery facilities and food items, especially fish, prawns and roasted pork, which were reported as ‘stinky’ when prepared for meal. 

On August 21st at midday, they manually checked the food stuff and measured the temperatures of their butchery facilities including chiller, food display fridge and the cold room to establish whether they were in compliance with the food safety standards. 

NCDC to manage bus service

The purpose-built 42-seater buses donated by the Chinese government for APEC will soon be on the capital city’s roads, following a commitment made by the APEC Authority last month.

“They’re as good as anything in Australia, or New Zealand or around the world, and we’ve already got drivers trained to drive those buses,” stated APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko.

“We’ve got all the spare parts that came with the buses and we’ve got the mechanics that have also been trained to look after and maintain it as well.”

MKA needs funding from Govt: Udia

They only receive grants from the National Capital District Commission.

This was revealed by chairman of Motu-Koita Assembly and Deputy Governor of NCD, Opao Udia, when nominating at the Electoral office in Boroko on September 4th in Port Moresby.

Udia said the Act for Motu-Koita Assembly was enacted in 2007, so 2008 was the first Assembly for Motu-Koitabu people.

Governor condemns ‘backward’ ethnic clash

This statement follows last week’s violent encounter at Morata’s Mosquito Street.

The week-long ethnic clash started last weekend over a land dispute between the people of Awena in Eastern Highlands and the Kumbin community of Enga Province.

Describing the fight as backward, Governor Powes Parkop is now challenging the city dwellers to embrace high quality of life and forgo ethnic clashes, which only impede development. 

Buai free buses, taxis

A joint meeting between concerned parties was held this week.

City Manager Bernard Kipit and representatives from the Road Traffic Authority spelled out to the operators of public buses the Betel-Nut Free Bus and Taxi Regulation that will be enforced by the end of July.

Under this regulation, commuters or passengers of public transport system will be prohibited from chewing betelnut, eating (any food) and drinking (soft drinks especially) while on board the buses and taxis.

Pom market closed due to illegal activities

Their plea to the member for Moresby North-East in a letter came a little too late. 

The scene on Wednesday at Manu Market included a truck removing the market tables abandoned by the vendors while police moved in to ensure the market is closed. 

Another truck was parked next to the huge pile of rubbish that had been left unattended to for days.

NCDC contractors were removing the rubbish while police were present to ensure market vendors stayed out.

Moresby North-East begins rollout of plan

The feeder road upgrading in the electorate includes the areas of Eight-Mile, ATS, Nine-Mile, Bushwara, Seven-Mile and Nine-Mile Morobe block through to the Wildlife feeder roads.

In collaboration with the National Capital District Commission physical planning and the engineering division, some of the roads are currently being upgraded to ensure Government services are accessible to those who are settling in those locations.

Make our city safe!

The National Capital District Commission is committed to making it safe once again for all residents, especially women and girls, by launching the anti-street harassment campaign week.

Observed as a national campaign worldwide on the 8th to the 12th of April, Papua New Guinea, specifically NCD, in collaboration with UN Women, will join in to campaign against street harassment.

The week-long event is a chance for all city residents to stand together in solidarity to raise awareness in their local communities.