Powes Parkop

Work on relocation of Tasion Barracks will start soon: Parkop

Residents of Tasion Police Barracks blocked off the new four-lane road that runs beside their homes this morning because of dust pollution and leaking sewage. They claimed the construction of the Gerehu to Nine-Mile road was the cause of it.

The barracks is located in the Gerehu suburb of NCD.   

They said the blockade will be removed once the new houses for their relocation are completed.

Parkop, when contacted by Loop PNG today, said he was unaware of the road blockage and disturbance to road works.  

Basil: Students awareness program must continue

This awareness is aimed to inform the public about their petition in which they plan to present to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Police on Tuesday gave verbal promises that they would permit students in small groups to go round the city in a public awareness program.

Basil stated that NCD Commander Sylvester Kalaut now says that students will not be allowed to carry out any public awareness. 

Basil explained that these groups of students will talk with citizens and they will learn from the students about the real issues of this nation.

Parkop tells student leaders to see PM themselves

“This is the means by which they agreed to pursue their demands. An opportunity was given to them last week and they turned it down. It was consistent too with their demand that the Prime Minister or ‘his representative’ receive their petition.

“By reneging on their own position, the students have shown lack of sincerity in their cause. I encourage them to allow the petition to be received on behalf of the Prime Minister or be delivered by a committee of the students and allow the Prime Minister time to consider and reply.”

Parkop commends UPNG students for peaceful protest

This was what NCD Governor Powes Parkop said in a statement released yesterday.
“I also appreciate their commitment to keep their protest or boycott of classes peaceful and orderly and within the confines of the campus last week. It was important for their credibility and for the intent of their protest and also for the higher good of our city and our country.

Polye packs a punch for Parkop

He said Parkop was to be blamed for all the informal sector problems in the city because his rogue policemen went on a rampage kicking and bullying the informal sector people in the city.

He said Parkop must look at solving ethnicity problems and support the informal sector in the city.

Polye added that people have to survive in this demanding city and Parkop really need to come up with some solutions for the formal sector.

“People need to survive in the city as the cost of the living is very high.

NCDC now in charge of city schools operations

This follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today between the Minister for Education and the NCD Governor in Port Moresby.

The signing officially begins the work of transferring the powers and functions under the NCD Education Service Division in the Department of Education to the NCDC.

DoE will only be responsible for determining national policies and standards while NCDC will now take responsibility of all registered elementary, primary, secondary and vocational schools in the city.

Parkop: Razor wire ban to stay

This was his response to security concerns voiced by city residents after razor wiring around their premises were taken down by NCDC workers.

Parkop claims the city is now safer than it used to be in the 80s and the 90s and those property owners therefore did not need to keep “these ugly” illegal razor wires any more.

He says razor barbed  wires are illegal and residents and business houses did not get approval from the Building Board before installing it around their premises.