B’ville refinery’s genset commissioned

The 150kVA generator was commissioned by the Autonomous Bougainville Government Minister for Finance and Treasury, Mathias Salas, in Arawa Town, on Friday, January 20th.

President of Bougainville, Ishmael Toroama, said: “The projected annual turnover from Bougainville National Refinery is estimated to be about K150 million to K200 million.

“This will quadruple the current internal revenue of K50 million, which we only doubled from K25 million last year.”

President condemns Arawa killing

Autonomous Bougainville Government President, Ishmael Toroama, condemned the atrocious act, saying “it goes against every effort my government, in collaboration with our police and our communities, are trying to do to curb crime and lawlessness on Bougainville”.

“While I understand the pain and sorrow the family of the young man are going through, I urge them to refrain from further actions,” said the President.

“I am also issuing a stern warning to opportunists from capitalising on this tragedy by trying to cause havoc and mayhem in Arawa Town.

Tonolei killings taken into account

During that time, an early morning assault claimed the lives of two locals as well as an expatriate based at the site of the Tonolei Integrated Agricultural Project.

“The Tonolei incident transpired as a result of the wish to hasten development without carefully considering the repercussions,” said President Toroama.

“I am not blaming anyone for the tragedy that resulted in Tonolei however, it is something we as a responsible government must take into account.

Women fight for human rights in Bougainville

The woman went to the station to report a sexual offense but was clearly in need of medical care. Thanks to Sister Therese’s prompt action, the mother received the care she needed and gave birth to a healthy baby.

Sister Therese has advocated for greater human rights over many years, including providing accommodation for women and youths awaiting court hearings and acting as a back-up for the Buin safe house, a secure place for women and girls fleeing violent situations. Thus this was nothing new.

Over K200mil for ABG’s program

This is inclusive of the K100 million Restoration and Development Grant, K100 million under the Prime Minister’s commitment to Bougainville and the new Provincial and District Infrastructure Program of K25 million.

When tabling the 2023 Autonomous Bougainville Government Budget this week, Minister for Treasury and Finance, Mathias Salas, said the K100 million RDG has been allocated to projects according to sector priorities.

A village court’s vital role

They play a vital role in communities, supporting the most vulnerable, including survivors of Family and Sexual Violence (FSV) and people with disabilities.

In Haku Village in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, a woman, clearly shaken, tells her story to Village Court Magistrate Anna Sapur and her colleagues.

The visually impaired woman fled her home seeking support on a domestic matter. She is accompanied by a relative and two workers from the nearby Hako Women’s Collective Seif Haus where she had taken refuge.

Conserving Kunua’s habitat

Targeted awareness programs and conservation efforts in Kunua District, North Bougainville, are part of Junior Novera’s plan for long-term biodiversity conservation and adaptation to climate change effects in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

Junior is a conservation biologist and received an Allison Sudradjat prize. He is an Australia Awards alumni who studied for a PhD in Conservation Science, Applied Ecology, Pacific Indigenous Knowledge and Environmental Decisions.

Ministers encouraged to work hard

“We are at a transitionary phase from autonomy to independence where we are creating a new chapter for Bougainville,” Toroama said in his ministerial statement on June 8th.

“This requires us to be innovative and absolute in our commitment to Bougainville as we introduce new ideas, new ways of doing things and a new mindset that is focused on political independence that is complemented by socioeconomic growth.

Unique challenges for B’ville

Chief Secretary of the Autonomous Bougainville Government, Shadrach Himata, outlined that the three main areas are; deliver goods and services to our people, deliver a country for our people and build an economy for Bougainville.

“These three are equally our priorities at the same time,” stated Chief Secretary Himata.

“I challenge all public servants that these efforts will require sacrifices to be made, and our patriotic spirit to help manage this task before us.

“This also calls for the public service to step up and to start burning the midnight oil.

JSB Resolution Signed

The signing of resolutions on Friday 22nd April signifies the acceptance of both governments regarding the resolutions of the Joint Technical Team.

The Co-chairs signed the Joint Technical Team resolutions directing that the Joint Legal Technical working group immediately commence discussions on drafting the Constitutional Regulations, commence preparations of a Report to the 11th National Parliament in 2023 and also, the JSB proper to be convened at a later date in Kimbe, West New Britain Province.