Alluvial mining reaches peak in Bougainville

A lot of con activities are also happening in and around Bougainville spoiling the good name of honest alluvial miners.

In a recent incident, a highlander was conned into buying iron oxide instead of gold and a hundred thousand of his money gone wasted.

When he went into testing in Moresby, it was confirmed that what he bought wasn’t gold at all.

An alluvial gold miner who wishes to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the issue said a lot of these type of people are spoiling the good name of honest dealers and miners.

Highlander cheated in Bougainville

The local farmer stuffed and filled all his seven bags with wild palm nuts which were shaped and looked exactly like betelnut.

He then sold the bags for K200 per bag, got the cash of K1400, hoped back onto a boat and ran away back to his hamlet somewhere on the mainland of Bougainville.

A lot of people have condemned such behavior and say it is a shame to the whole of Bougainville and the matter should be reported to the police.

Relief supplies never reach affected people

In a latest incident, one thousand bales of rice were bought to go to Torokina but only 800 arrived, the other 200 were stolen and resold on the streets.

Reports reaching Loop PNG indicated that most of the supplies of food rations just disappear on the beach and only a bit end up in the affected areas.

Franklin Lacey, disaster boss on Bougainville said from the funding of K150, 000 by the national government, a thousand bales of rice were bought and only 800 arrived in Torokina.

Bougainville's Nissan Island to reopen airport

A team led by former BRA planner Ben Kamda returned and had an interview with Loop PNG that anytime now the airport will be upgraded.

“Nissan has been the gateway to the atolls of Bougainville and being the gateway means we need to open the airport so that other atoll Islanders can come by ship get a plane and go out of Bougainville,” he said.

Bougainville host church events

The United Church celebrated its centenary in Siwai and people from all over Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands participated.

The Revival centers held a pilgrimage in Arawa town with representations from all over PNG in attendance.

Today the catholic will have there’s, when the statue of our lady of Fatima arrives.

The events of the Revival and United churches of PNG lasted for two weeks in which a lot of participants were first timers here on Bougainville.

Government aids people of Torokina

 A thousand bale of rice, other assorted goods and medical supplies were send on a charter boat down to Torokina.

Disaster coordinator on Bougainville Franklin lacey told Loop PNG that the supplies have already been distributed to the people who have been affected by the volcano.

“I for one would really like to thank the national Government, more particularly the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Peter O’Neill for the funding his government has provided for the people of Torokina,” Lacey said.

​ AROB to host next NGI Besta Cup

Governor Benjamin, when announcing the host province, urged all NGI provinces to participate, regardless of distance.

"Manus has been participating in all the tournaments even as far as coming here in Kimbe and Rabaul," Governor Benjamin said.

“The next tournament in Bougainville will definitely be miles away from Manus but we are prepared to send in four teams to the tournament.

NMSA: Safety a priority in Bougainville’s waters

The establishment of Bougainville’s Small Craft Registration Board and the introduction of a new Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), which covers all of PNG’s waters, were jointly funded by the Governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Both governments recognise the critical role Bougainville’s waters play in promoting economic development and connecting communities to essential services.

Fake preacher kicked out of Bougainville

In a covert operation led by former rebel planner Ben Kamda, it was carefully and professionally executed.

Speaking to Loop PNG, Kamda said the expatriate, who sounded like an American, came to Bougainville and started preaching in Buka town. Then he moved down to Arawa in central Bougainville and was residing in a local guest house.

“Under the table he had already set up his network which involved some of our politicians and top brass whom I can’t name right now,”  Kamda said.

Bougainville MPs unite for referendum

The four leaders including newly sworn in Member for South Bougainville Timothy Masiu, Minister for Information and Communication Jimmy Miringtoro, Member for North Bougaiville Lauta Atoi and Minister for Bougainville Affairs Joe Lera, for the first time in history were brought together.

All leaders shared similar sentiments of Bougainville and the lead up to referendum but what was akin to them all was that finally they could share and air their interests and feel included in driving the processes to a successful referendum ‘together’.