NCD Governor Powes Parkop

CBC opens new church building

Commending the community's initiative without government support, Governor Parkop expressed his admiration for the impressive, independently developed church building, a testament to local resilience.

The CBC church, standing along Gado and Wilhelm Places, boasts a seating capacity of over 500.

Governor Parkop, who had assisted in the construction of a previous chapel a decade ago, highlighted the community's unwavering dedication in building the new structure without external support.

Governor Parkop challenges soccer association executives

He had met with them before the men's pre-season grand final between Mungkas FC and Blue Kumul FC.

During the meeting, the Governor shared his observations, development, and improvement plans for the game, stressing the need for strategies specifically in the areas of school development programs, technical development, infrastructure development, media communications strategy, business strategy, and product development strategy. He also highlighted the importance of gender equality and supporting campaigns against gender-based violence.

City hall commits to making sports inclusive

On Sunday 30th April, NCD Governor Powes Parkop when presenting the cheque said the City Hall is committed to supporting all sporting codes to ensure sports become a platform for development, gender equality, creating champions and instilling good values.

The financial support was to sponsor a one-month soccer pre-season hosted and managed by the Port Moresby Soccer Association (PMSA). The cheque was presented when the pre-season was entering its final rounds of the season.

City celebrates World Health Day

Health is everyone's business, and it all starts with the individuals by eating right, exercising regularly and maintaining good health habits are the first steps towards promoting health.

Governor of NCD, Powes Parkop emphasized this when marking World Health Day in the city.

He said in times of emergencies, doctors play a critical role in providing care, but it is equally important for individuals to do their part. The government and agencies like WHO Papua New Guinea complete the equation by providing support and resources.

Port Moresby a Regional investment hub vision: Parkop

The Governor welcomed the CEOs of 20 superannuation funds based in 12 Pacific Island countries, including PNG, who are attending the 2023 Pacific Islands Investment Forum (PIIF) hosted by National Superannuation Fund Limited (NASFUND) and Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) in Port Moresby.

During a dinner hosted for the delegates at Lamana Hotel, Governor Parkop emphasized that the city is strategically located to the North and West of Asia, to the South of Australia and New Zealand, and to the East and South-East of fellow Pacific Island nations.

Parkop pledges support to MKA

Governor Parkop made the public announcement this week during the opening of two multiple classroom buildings at Baruni Primary School.

Governor Parkop was at Baruni Primary School to witness the opening of the two new three-in-one classrooms, which the NCDC co-funded.

Parkop assured the people of Baruni that he wants to live up to his pledge to give all the money coming from the land which the people had in the past but may have lost to the development of the city back to the Motu Koita Assembly.

SDP announces 41 candidates

About 600 people had expressed their interest to join the party, 50 of whom were women.

Party leader and governor for NCD Powes Parkop spoke highly of the selected candidates, whose backgrounds he described would make them visionary, smart and passionate leaders for the country.

Parkop said SDP is for gender equality and focuses on the resources and efforts of getting women who have a better chance of winning.

SDP Candidate for West Sepik Provincial Seat Dorothy Tekwie said it is an honor to be a candidate for the Social Democratic Party.

Parkop Responds To Violence Case

Governor Parkop was responding to his daughter in-law’s alleged involvement in the violent attack of another woman; a case that is now before the courts.

The Governor, Co-Chair of the Special Parliamentary Committee to end Gender Based Violence, stressed that he maintains his position in ending GBV, regardless who the perpetrator is, and for whatever reasons claimed to justify the act of violence.

However he is saddened his daughter-in-law Quinnie Mick, is in court to answer for her alleged involvement in a violent incident.

Ban On Cheap Liquor Considered

He said the sale and consumption has become a serious problem in the city and NCDC has a responsibility to regulate the sale of alcohol in the city. 
Governor Parkop said the NCDC board has set up a sub-committee to address the issue. The committee is working towards solutions to control the issue.

Leaders challenged to fight against SARV

This call comes following videos that are currently going viral on social media platforms, of women in Southern Highlands and Enga Province being tortured alive. Governor Parkop showed disgust and sorrow for the victims seeing that bystanders did nothing to stop the perpetrators.

“We have had enough talking. I want to call upon leaders of Enga Province the Southern Highlands to do more. Not only provincial leaders, but also the district, Church, wards, and clan leaders,” added Governor Parkop.

While two of the five women were rescued, no arrests have been made yet.