NCD Governor Powes Parkop

SDP announces 41 candidates

About 600 people had expressed their interest to join the party, 50 of whom were women.

Party leader and governor for NCD Powes Parkop spoke highly of the selected candidates, whose backgrounds he described would make them visionary, smart and passionate leaders for the country.

Parkop said SDP is for gender equality and focuses on the resources and efforts of getting women who have a better chance of winning.

SDP Candidate for West Sepik Provincial Seat Dorothy Tekwie said it is an honor to be a candidate for the Social Democratic Party.

Parkop Responds To Violence Case

Governor Parkop was responding to his daughter in-law’s alleged involvement in the violent attack of another woman; a case that is now before the courts.

The Governor, Co-Chair of the Special Parliamentary Committee to end Gender Based Violence, stressed that he maintains his position in ending GBV, regardless who the perpetrator is, and for whatever reasons claimed to justify the act of violence.

However he is saddened his daughter-in-law Quinnie Mick, is in court to answer for her alleged involvement in a violent incident.

Ban On Cheap Liquor Considered

He said the sale and consumption has become a serious problem in the city and NCDC has a responsibility to regulate the sale of alcohol in the city. 
Governor Parkop said the NCDC board has set up a sub-committee to address the issue. The committee is working towards solutions to control the issue.

Leaders challenged to fight against SARV

This call comes following videos that are currently going viral on social media platforms, of women in Southern Highlands and Enga Province being tortured alive. Governor Parkop showed disgust and sorrow for the victims seeing that bystanders did nothing to stop the perpetrators.

“We have had enough talking. I want to call upon leaders of Enga Province the Southern Highlands to do more. Not only provincial leaders, but also the district, Church, wards, and clan leaders,” added Governor Parkop.

While two of the five women were rescued, no arrests have been made yet.

Parkop Pleads With Residents

He has urged that people self-regulate, respect and implement the Nuipla Pasin protocols.

“You have a responsibility to yourself and your family,” said Parkop.  

He said the government is doing its bit, providing funding support to hospitals as well as the doctors and medical staff working full time to save lives.

“The surge is putting a lot of pressure and stress on our medical team. Our people should not take it lightly.

No lockdown in NCD

He said the decision was reached following a consultation with key stakeholders and the National Control Center.

“We note the hardship thousands of people face already as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact the two weeks lockdown would have on the community. 

“Economy has slowed down, unemployment is high, businesses are very fragile and equally teetering on collapsing”, added Governor Parkop. 

Parkop Acknowledges Church Contribution

When receiving food donations from the Igelesia Ni Christo Church of Christ on Friday 22nd October, Governor Parkop acknowledge the church for the generous donation, despite its small size. 

“This is not just a mission of the church and the Gospel of Christ but equally a mission for humanity. That we are there for all the people in the world despite whatever differences of barriers. But we can reach out to as many people as possible to lift them, to give them hope, reduce their burden in their daily life,” Governor Parkop said.

PNGRU New Management

Governor Parkop assured fellow newly-elected Board of the Union that he will support the new executive and its affiliates. Part of that support includes the aim to get the PNG Pukpuks and Palais 7s into the next Olympics.

Governor Parkop shared these sentiments at a dinner he hosted recently in his capacity as Patron of the PNGRU.

The Governor said, “It (rugby union) has done wonders for Fiji both in terms of promoting the code, using the games as a platform to promote a positive pathway for young men and women, and also promoting their country in all aspects.”

Governor Parkop Pays Tribute

In paying tribute to Great Grand Chief Somare on Independence Day, Governor Parkop reminded Papua New Guineans to embrace and be guided by positive values and principles in their personal and public life.

He said Late Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare succeeded in moulding our leaders, people and country together because he was guided by strong faith in our people and he had vision, character and values.

Public Transport Safety Is Key

This urgent meeting was attended by Road Traffic Authority (RTA) CEO, Nelson Terema, Jack Waso, President of the NCD PMV Owners Association, female NCDC Board members, Commissioners Elis Siki and Mea Isaac, City Manager Bernard Kipit senior NCDC officers.