One dead, five injured in Panguna accident

The incident happened on Thursday morning where passengers from Torokina in South Bougainville, who were travelling to Arawa Town, were involved in yet another nasty accident while travelling through the section of the Panguna to Arawa main highway.

Eleven male, two females and two children, were rushed to the Arawa Health Centre where one died and two were gravely injured with fractured skulls.

Late Kamma, a ‘healer’

The late Kamma  was the Minister assisting the Prime Minister when he passed on.

He was Member for South Bougainville and a staunch member of the United Resource Party.

He was Bougainville Affairs Minister in the 2011-12 O’Neill-Namah Government and retained the ministry after winning the 2012 National Election.

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11 escapees shot dead in Lae in major prison break

There was a mass break out at Buimo jail between 1.30pm to 2pm this afternoon.

Bville a potential tourism hub

Death of Steven Kamma a great loss for Bougainville

The late Steven Pirika was described as a true leader who walked and worked his talk by doing action and bringing much development to South Bougainville. A humble person who always has time to listen to small people.

A chief from the Torokina district Steven Sareu speaking on behalf of the Torokina people to PNG Loop said he was lost of words when he heard the tragic news, and has conveyed his condolences.

“On behalf of the people of Torokina I would like to convey our sincere heartfelt condolences to the relatives and officers of our late member,” he said

Fishing trip turns to disaster at Hahalis

The father of two children went fishing on Friday, but failed to return home.

Realising this, villagers and relatives immediately searched the area at the weekend, but failed to locate the body except for parts or pieces of his canoe with some of the fish he had caught.

It is now believed that he must have drowned.

Heavy weather condition at the weekend with continuous heavy rain and wind  had struck the region.

Meanwhile, the search is continuing today with the assistance of the Disaster Office who will comb the area to try and locate the missing person.

Strong winds for Bougainville, MBP and NIP

The weather office has issued a renewed strong wind warning and isolated showers for all coastal waters in these provinces.

Strong northwest surge of 25/34 knots are expected to continue for the next 24 hours causing rough seas.

People are urged to take precaution when traveling out to sea.

All small crafts and boats are also urged to take necessary precautions before going out to sea.

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Tech problems blamed for teacher pay woes

The Acting Secretary for Education, Dr Uke Kombra has advised that technical problems with the Alesco HRIS have affected the processing of salaries for teachers nationwide and the public servants paid under the Education Payroll.

Little Dalilah Peter recovering after heart surgery

Lera travel’s length and breadth of Island

Speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony for the Malautu aid post,  Lera told the people of Makis constituency that he will remain committed in serving the people’s best interest in terms of development.

“Since you voted me as your regional member I have put my grants into good use. I have made projects for people all over Bougainville,”  Lera said.

Bougainville threatens PNG govt with legal action

John Momis says many millions of dollars is due to Bougainville as per the peace agreement concluded with PNG in 2001.

In a lengthy statement, Mr Momis says his government estimates that PNG has underpaid Bougainville for the recurrent unconditional grant and owes at least US$33 million dollars, which must be paid immediately.

The president says Bougainville is owed another US$207 million under the Restoration and Development Grant.

Mr Momis says the national tax office is also failing to hand over taxes collected in Bougainville.

Bougainville launches law and justice plan


The Mid Term Development Plan (MTDP) was launched in Buka November 11 and describes the growth and development of law and justice service delivery through targeted investments in its workforce, systems and infrastructure.

The Plan was designed over the last year by the Bougainville Law and Justice Working Group, comprising representatives of both Bougainville and National agencies, as well as community groups, and with the support of the Australian Government through the PNG-Australia Law and Justice Partnership – Transition Program (PALJP-TP).