International Women’s Day


Sport is one of the most powerful platforms for promoting gender equality and in empowering women and girls.

Since 2016 - 2020 there has been a 60% female representation on the PNGOC Board. As of 2020 that number is currently on 40%. Within the organisation itself, 60% of employed staff comprise of women headed by the Secretary General Mrs Auvita Rapilla, who is also PNG and the Pacific's first female International Olympic Committee (IOC) Member and sits on four IOC Commissions. 

IWN Day gives opportunity to celebrate women teachers

They are among thousands of teachers driving and participating in a program to improve education outcomes for girls and boys.

International Women’s Day is an opportune time to celebrate the achievements of women teachers who are advocating for change and greater equality for their students.

Since 2018, the Papua New Guinea-Australia Partnership has supported the Rapidly Improving Standards in Elementary Education project (RISE), which has trained more than 2,500 teachers and is benefiting over 100,000 girls and boys across the country.

Nambawan Super celebrates the strength of its women

Chief Executive Officer Paul Sayer said the occasion provided the opportunity to reflect on the achievements and contributions of women who continue to positively impact and grow the Fund for members in Papua New Guinea.

“A significant finding of ours has been that our female members are excellent savers – on average they have higher balances than their male counterparts.”

City commits to gender equality

They made a commitment as a city and the country to promote gender equality and end violence against women and girls.

Speaking during a stop-over at Hohola Burns Peak during the walk, Governor Parkop urged male city residents and other citizens nationwide to subscribe to high values so they respect women and girls as equal partners and stop inflicting gender-based violence and other forms of violence on them.

He said these values underpin development.

International Women’s Day promoted

This was in line with the 2020 theme “An equal world is an enabled world”.

The Team used the platform to also promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) education particularly for girls.

Digicel PNG acknowledges women

A small part significant event was held within Digicel PNG’s head office in Port Moresby on March 8 to acknowledge the efforts of its female employees on International Women’s Day.

Amongst those present was CEO Valde Ferradaz, who acknowledged that women play an important role in influencing and shaping society.

“Male ego is dangerous for the planet, making men self-centred.

“The empowering of women is a necessity for balance,” explained Valde Ferradaz.

Reflecting on women’s progress

These events allow for networking but more importantly, to reflect on the progress of the women population in the country.

This morning saw working women and a few men in support of gender equality gather at Gateway by 7am, and speeches delivered to capture the theme ‘Press for Progress’.

Between the speeches, the outstanding point was involving more women in decision-making.

According to the 2017 Gender Gap Report of the World Economic Forum, achieving gender parity is over 200 years away, which is over 6 generations away.  

Closing the gap in women empowerment

This gap will be identified in a short video, currently being put together by the Pacific International Hospital, with the help of EMTV.

The video will capture local women from different walks of life sharing their views on what they understand about gender equality and its state in the country.

It will be showcased on March 8, which is International Women’s Day, during an event PIH is planning to host.

The event will host policy makers from embassies and companies (both government and private).

Photo comp for inspirational women

This contest is to commemorate the International Women’s Day in March.

With the theme “A woman who inspires me”, participants are encouraged to submit 3 entries capturing a moment in life of a woman who inspires them.

It can be three entries of three different women, or three entries of one woman as the subject.

These photos should show the face of the subject and must portray perseverance, progress and courage.

The competition due date is midday March 6, 2018, so judges can determine the three winners to make the announcement on March 8.

Bougainville women are proud women: Momis

ABG President Dr John Momis made this statement in commemoration of International Women’s Day.

“The traditional role of women in most parts of Bougainville has always been custodians of the land, providing a safety net to society and keepers of the peace, this role has not changed; women still play a vital role in contemporary Bougainville today,” Momis said.

“I am also proud to say today that a new role that Bougainville women have assumed is one that has redefined their roles in Bougainville and that is of peace maker.”