National Capital District

Teachers undergo in-service training

The National District Services under the Department of Education facilitated the training which started on Monday, 3rd of July, and ends this Friday.

The focus is to standardized the programming component under the theme “Quality Training for Quality Teaching and Learning."

NCD education service, first acting secretary Peter Kants spoke at the opening of the week-long in-service training for NCD teachers.

Alleged stabbing results in Koki fight

Relatives and other members of the community retaliated. In the event, the traveling public were targeted by petty thieves, including vehicles traveling the Ela Beach road near the fish market. Amateur videos on social media showed moving vehicles being vandalised and property stolen from inside.

Police have intervened and brought the chaos under control as they establish facts surrounding the alleged stabbing.

More to come.

CRU Top of ladder clash

Brothers Rugby Union Club, who sit atop the competition ladder, will play a second-placed Defence.

Brothers is the only team in the competition that remains unbeaten in the past 8 rounds. The team won six matches and drew in two, to sit first on the ladder.

Not far behind is the Defence Rugby Union Team. Defence won five matches, drew two and lost one.

Amusement Train increases foot traffic

Since the introduction of the playground in December 2022, the amusement train has dramatically increased foot traffic into the plaza.

Facilities Manager, Correny Ure, mentioned that this is the Plaza’s marketing avenues to increase children and families and it has done just that.

Andapanga Leads In MNE

Here are the recorded 10 candidates from this morning’s update:

1) Andapanga         11,890

2) John Kaupa        11,119

3) Peter Dominic      8,094

4) Labi Amaiu          7,160

5) Dickson Samai   6,799

6) Diane Unagi        6,786

7) Joe TinTin            6,432

8) Andrew Mald      5,491

9) Carl Okuk            5,171

10) Dr.S.Mosin        4,940


More updates to follow as there are seventeen boxes left to count.

Desperate Attempts Delay MNW Counting

Manukayasi said from the beginning, this election has been unique due to all the interferences with the electoral process caused by candidates, scrutineers, and even supporters.  He termed these elections as ‘unique.’

Manukayasi expresses that the delays in the completion of counting and quality checks has hindered what should have been a timely electoral process.

He says this is due to many people claiming from the start of the elections, that this would be a failed National General Election.

City Manager Condemns Violence

A dispute over the boxes among scrutineers escalated this afternoon into a full-scale fight onto the John Guise and Waigani Drive roads.

Mr Frank described the filmed fight that was circulated on social media as disturbing and inhuman.

He called for continued peace and order during the counting period. Mr Frank calls on all parties to resort to lawful means to address their grievances other than resorting to violence.

Hau’ofa holds on after count 9

The incumbent MP collected 215 votes after count 9 putting his progressive tally at 1808.

The only female in the top five, Michelle Hau’ofa in fourth after collecting 5 votes in count 9. Her progressive tally is at 120.

  1. Justin Tkatchenko – 1808 
  2. Charles Kassman – 717
  3. S. Kiirilyo – 200
  4. Michelle Hau’ofa – 120
  5. Peter H Ilau – 14

Count 10 is currently in progress.

POM NE takes to the polls

In a recent press conference, NCD Election Manager Kila Ralai stated that polling for the nation’s capital was delayed due to alleged interference from the candidates and scrutineers; and challenges faced by the NCD election team regarding the distribution of ballot papers to various wards and locations in NCD.

By 11 am today PNG Electoral Commission officials, escorted by Police transported ballot papers from the Sir John Guise Stadium to appointed polling locations in the MNE electorate.

Residents Disappointed With Polling

However, due to deferral of polling from, Friday 8th to Monday 11th, the community missed out not only a set date for polling but hours of their paid jobs as well.

This newsroom visited the polling venue at Skyview Estate and were greeted by disgruntled residents who were disappointed and annoyed with the announcement of yet another deferred day of polling.

Skyview Estate Chairman, Garima Tongia, spoke on behalf of the community in airing their disapproval of the manner in which elections are being delivered for 2022.