Moresby North East

POM NE takes to the polls

In a recent press conference, NCD Election Manager Kila Ralai stated that polling for the nation’s capital was delayed due to alleged interference from the candidates and scrutineers; and challenges faced by the NCD election team regarding the distribution of ballot papers to various wards and locations in NCD.

By 11 am today PNG Electoral Commission officials, escorted by Police transported ballot papers from the Sir John Guise Stadium to appointed polling locations in the MNE electorate.

Residents Disappointed With Polling

However, due to deferral of polling from, Friday 8th to Monday 11th, the community missed out not only a set date for polling but hours of their paid jobs as well.

This newsroom visited the polling venue at Skyview Estate and were greeted by disgruntled residents who were disappointed and annoyed with the announcement of yet another deferred day of polling.

Skyview Estate Chairman, Garima Tongia, spoke on behalf of the community in airing their disapproval of the manner in which elections are being delivered for 2022.

MNE voters frustrated

Representatives of the estate said they are fed up with having to explain to their employers of the incompetence delivered for North East Polls. 

Garima Tongia, Founding Chairman of the Skyview Estate, said that if it is deferred to Monday 11th, they will not allow any polling teams to set up in that area.

Bringing the government to the people

Challenging this norm, local Member for Moresby North East and Minister for Housing and Urbanisation John Kaupa surprised everyone in bringing his District Development Authority (DDA) meeting into the urban village of Korobosea.

Previous meeting by the MP were hosted by the Nine mile and the Bush wara community.

Minister Kaupa in thanking the Korobosea community said, the purpose of hosting his DDA meetings in settlement and Motu village is to bring the government back to the people.

Kaupa declared for Moresby North East seat

John Kaupa was declared tonight at 10:25pm after the 47th exclusive count at the Sir John Guise indoor complex.

He has ousted sitting candidate, Labi Amaiu.

Kaupa polled after the 47th exclusive count a total number of 17, 218 votes, surpassing the absolute majority of 16, 479.

Running second to the newly declared candidate member elect is Carl Okuk who polled 15, 737 votes.

Kaupa signed his writs in front of the returning officer and his assistant as well as counting and polling officials at the venue.

Counting: Moresby North East Results after Exclusion 46

The results of the top five candidates are as follows;

1. John Kaupa- 14, 373

2. Carl Okuk- 12, 503

3. Labi Amaiu- 12, 304

4. Andrew Mald- 11, 181

Absolute majority is 25, 181

The total number of ballots remaining in count is 28, 054.

Results are progressive and is bound to change after a while as elimination continues.

According to returning officer, a declaration is expected later on today.

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Moresby North East electorate nearing completion

Both the leading candidate and runner up are margins away from over taking each other after each exclusion.

Moresby North East returning officer, Thomas Rango says regardless, the exclusion has been going on since last night and is still ongoing.

A clear margin is yet to be set between the two leading candidates.

He reassures that a member for Moresby North East electorate will be declared today before the return of writs to the Electoral commission this afternoon.

Moresby North East A.R.O arrested for impersonation

Moresby North East Returning Officer, Thomas Rango confirmed the arrest of his ARO Edward Peter which prompted a brief suspension of counting

Rango however assured supporters, scrutineers and the general public that counting progressed well and will commence again following today’s 64th count.

Moresby North East electorate counting will resume at 8am tomorrow, Monday 17th July.

Meantime, Rango says that the Peter was taken into police custody for wearing a police issued coat at the counting venue.

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COUNTING: Count 65 is now in progress for Moresby North East