National General Elections

DICT proposes eVoting for elections

In his address at the Election Summit in Port Moresby, Secretary Matainaho proposed that eVoting will improve National General Elections in Papua New Guinea.

“The concept of eVoting in the country is to save time, resources and funding, as well as honest voting will be done. We must seriously look into digitalizing the voting process in the country as we will save time and resources, and also transparent voting and trouble-free elections will be conducted,” he said

Yama Eliminated

Yama finished fourth with 39,058 votes. His votes will be distributed among the three leading candidates.

After exclusion 33, the four candidates on the race with their scores are as follows:

1. Ramsey Pariwa (PFP) - 100,537 votes

2. Jerry Singirok (PANGU) - 60, 657 votes

3. Benny Panti  (AP) - 39,703 votes

4. Peter Yama (PLP) - 39,058 votes

LBS Retains Seat

Returning Officer Vincent Manukayasi made the declaration at the PILAG counting centre at 5: 30pm yesterday, 12 August after nearly three weeks of delay, due to heavy scrutiny from rival candidates contesting the seat.

Mr Samuel won by 23, 452 votes surpassing the absolute majority of 21, 149 votes.

Coming in second place was Joe Tonde with 18, 863 votes.

Mr Samuel who is an indigenous from the big Motaun village of Hanuabada, clearly collected majority of his votes from all Motu Koitabu villages in the Moresby North-West electorate.

EC Seeks Extension Of Writs For SHP

Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai said any discussions and talks of failing an election and calling for a Supplementary or a By Election is not on his table and will not happen as costs of running elections have escalated and are expensive.

Sia Leads Eastern H’lands Provincial Seat

The top five contenders in the EHP regional seat are:

  1. SIMON SIA – PNC – 108, 890
  2. PETER NUMU – PNG ONE NATION – 102, 129
  4. JAMES PUPUNE –PNG PARTY – 33, 617
  5. PIUS KASAMPI – Independent – 27, 081

The absolute majority stands at 257, 325 votes as eliminations continue. There are 19 exclusions to follow.

Elimination For Madang Provincial Underway

The counting officials have informed this newsroom that all quality checks ended before lunchtime today. The elimination started after lunch and continues tomorrow. 

The People First Party candidate, Ramsy Pariwa still maintains lead with more than 50,000 votes, running second is PANGU Party candidate, Jerry Singirok with more than 30, 000 votes and on third spot is incumbent governor, Peter Yama with more than 20, 000 votes.

Juffa Retains Seat

The People’s Movement for Change Party Leader won by 24,283 votes and coming second was Jean Parkop with 19,654 votes. The winner took his stand after the 44th exclusion of Allen Mesa (PNC). 

Oro Province Election Manager, Daisy Hombogani, yesterday declared the winner and signed the writ. 
Mr Juffa thanked his people for mandating him for the third time. 

“During these elections we saw people respect one another, people worked together. Yes, we had hiccups, there were some accusations made but in general, the people of Oro have changed significantly.

Kawage Calls For Calm In Daulo

Mr. Kawage has appealed to all the scrutineers at the counting venues to be leaders in their respective communities, as they have seen firsthand the process of counting which has been transparent and dispelled any allegation and rumour of misconduct on the part of election officials. 

“The people of Daulo must accept the results and carry on with their lives. There must be normalcy and peace in their respective communities and scrutineers take lead in advising their communities,” he appealed.

First Female Wins 2022 Seat

She won the Provincial seat by an absolute majority of 62, 640 votes, making history as the first female Governor for Central Province. 
Incumbent Governor, Robert Agarobe polled 58, 917 votes, 3, 444 votes short from Mrs Peter. 
The People National Congress Party female candidate has maintained the top 3 since counting began. 
In her declaration speech, she aims to restore the province back to its glory days of independence, where the province was prominent in nation building. 

73 Writs To Be Returned

"Today, Friday 5th of August is the set date for returning the majority of the writs to the Governor General. 

"With 82 Electorates now declared and over 73 writs received by my office, I am pleased to announce that I will return more than the majority of the writs by 4pm,” he added. 

Counting and declaration has been done for Hela, East Sepik, Morobe, Bougainville, East New Britian, Manus, New Ireland, West New Britian, Milne Bay and Northern seats. 

From the 73 writs to be returned excludes Markham, Kabwum and Laiagap.