Buin Election Counting Progress

As counting extends to Buin, a newcomer, Robert Kebau is closely trailing with only 200 votes remaining.

Key candidate standings:

Michael Laita: 351 votes

Christopher Roniel: 247 votes

Greg Lua: 665 votes

Augustine Wane: 349 votes

Sylvester Aube: 209 votes

John Kinani: 349 votes

Peter Naguo: 214 votes

Simon Tohui Ansirua: 666 votes

Martin Karepa Mongkei: 244 votes

Sylvester Pulau: 431 votes

Maury Piriri: 413 votes

Thomas Pabakumi: 549 votes

Philip Kuhena (leading): 1,741 votes

Writs due, counting suspended

Enga Election Manager Anton Iamau confirmed from Wabag that counting was suspended at 2pm today and that the RO has resigned.

He said he was also caught by surprise after he received a call from Wailyo who told him he had resigned and had already left the province.

A copy of his resignation letter was circulated on Facebook. According to that letter, Wailyo tendered in his resignation citing reasons of personal safety.

EC Seeks Extension Of Writs For SHP

Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai said any discussions and talks of failing an election and calling for a Supplementary or a By Election is not on his table and will not happen as costs of running elections have escalated and are expensive.

Elemi leads Rigo Open count after 15th elimination

William Marabu, candidate for People’s First Party, was excluded and his votes distributed.

After the 15th exclusion, the top five candidates are as follows;

  1.  Turai Elemi (NA) - 5,384 votes.
  2.  Ano Pala (PANGU Pati) – 5,155
  3.  Biari Cibby Ubuna (IND) – 3,410
  4.  Lekwa Gure (ULP) – 2,777
  5.  Vikki Mossine (FPNG) – 2,657

The absolute majority is at 18,336 votes. 

Kerema Open Completes Primary Counts

PANGU candidate, Thomas Opa still maintains lead since Day 1 and sits comfortable on top with over 12,000 votes.

The progressive tally after Kaintiba LLG Count 47/47:

Chimbu Counting Progressing

Despite the good progress, Sinesine Yongomulg counting centre discovered 317 unsigned ballot papers earmarked for ward 11 in Ku modern village, Yongomulg  LLG.
All the scrutineers present at the counting centre had agreed that all ballot papers be destroyed. 

The ballot papers were burnt in front of Sinesine Yongomulg counting centre, witnessed by counting officials, security personnel, security guards and media observers. 

Election manager, Tom Suine said they had no choice but follow the wishes of candidates and their scrutineers to burn the ballot papers.

Kairuku Counting In Elimination

Taking the lead is Peter Namea Isoaimo (NA) - 7,801 votes.

Progressive tally for the Top 5:

  1. Peter Namea Isoaimo (NA) - 7,801 votes. 
  2. Paru Aihi (PNC) – 5,488
  3. Allan Aoka Keagaimo (IND) - 3,931
  4. Java Aiva Beraro (PANGU Pati) – 2,630
  5. Seline Leo Lohia (ILP) – 2,263

Counting suspended and will commence this afternoon. 

Nawaeb Exclusion 37 Update

The progressive tally for top 10:

  1. Theo Pelgen (PFP) – 6,866
  2. Romeo Napo Momo (Ind) – 5,755
  3. Kennedy Wenge (PANGU) – 4,516
  4. Missian Gware (ULP) – 4,282
  5. Samson Timson (PNC) – 3,787
  6. Norman Barnabas – 3,650
  7. Masam L Som (URP) – 2,915
  8. Steven Bapi – 2,524
  9. Gisuwat Siniwin – 2,518
  10. Giassi K Dumen Lasse – 1,908

Usino-Bundi Count 18 Update

Progressive results after count 18:

  1. Vincent Kumura (PP) – 5,678
  2. Jimmy Uguro (PANGU) – 3,019
  3. Allan Aipo (APP) – 2,705
  4. Nick Kamuti (LP) – 2,691
  5. Philip Ororoku (Ind) – 2,137
  6. Anton Yagama (PNC) – 1,319
  7. Michael Kumba (NA) – 1,135
  8. Emmanuel Kuna (Ind) – 900
  9. Samson Kaniku (PLP) – 872
  10. Augustine Koroma (SDP) – 793

Bundi has 8 ballot boxes remaining, Usino has 11 left and Gama has 3.

The remaining boxes of Usino LLG are from the incumbent MP, Jimmy Uguro’s, base. 

Abau Counting Update

Leading the race is sitting m ember for Abau District, Puka Temu (ODP) collecting 1,030, second was Stanley Miles (NA) with 525, and coming third is Kilroy Koirobete Genia (ULP) with 370 votes.

Fourth place is Darius Fuxton Wa’au (PLP) with 325 and fifth is Honda Gila with 277 polling.

After the last few boxes, quality check follows and the elimination.