Early in the final vote count in Fiji SODELPA lead

A third of polling stations have been counted after polling day on Wednesday.

At midday SODELPA had an eight percent lead over Frank Bainimarama's FijiFirst, with two thirds of polling stations still to be added to the national tally.

The National Results Centre is entering data as result sheets are transported in from around the country.

Provisional results from the polling stations indicated a slim victory for Mr Bainimarama.

The elections authorities have urged people not to heed false reports a second count is being conducted.

Commissioner urged to accelerate SHP counting

Candidates Jerry Kiwa, Joe Kobol and Ps Bernard Peter, in a separate press conference in Mt Hagen yesterday, said they have wasted a lot of time and effort already in Mendi and they do not want the counting process to be further delayed.

The candidates pointed out that the Southern Highlands Provincial Seat is no different from other provincial seats.

The formal declaration should have been done already but the former Provincial Returning Officer, Jacob Kurap’s manner in conducting the counting, was not right by declaring the incumbent Governor William Powi.

Kundiawa-Gembogl declared

After exclusion 37 today, William Gogl Onglo secured 15,499 votes, surpassing the absolute majority of 14,150.

The runner-up was Wagi Merimba with 12,798 votes.

William Gogl Onglo was officially declared by the Returning Officer at 2:45pm this afternoon.


COUNTING: NCD Regional update

Assistant election manager NCD, Bale Kavanamur, revealed this to Loop PNG today.

Counting will soon resume for the seat at the Rita Flynn Indoor Complex.

After exclusion 13, 25 candidates remain in the race.

The top five are as follows:

1. Powes Parkop (SDP) - 39,512

2. Andy Bawa (IND) - 19,494

3. Michael Kandiu (IND) - 16,332

4. Robert Agen (IND) - 8,209

5. Paul Paraka (GRUF) - 6,272

Decision on Kandep counting suspension expected

Counting in Kandep was suspended over the weekend after violence erupted in Wabag between supporters of two candidates contesting the Kandep seat.

The violence resulted in the deaths of two police officers deployed to the area as Election Security personal who were intervening to stop the clashes.

Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, said he is expecting a report from the Police Commissioner, Gary Baki, who is presently on the ground.

Countng: Kairuku Hiri set to complete counting

Kairuku Hiri returning officer Tabu Vaira confirmed that the elimination process will begin this afternoon.

After quality checks, incumbent Member and National Alliance candidate Peter Isoaimo had the highest progressive total with 13,238 votes.

Results for the top five after quality checks:

1. Peter Isoaimo (NA): 13 238

2. Paru Aihi (PNC): 10 133

3. Steven John Manai (Pangu): 6927

4. Scott Boio Morata (Indept): 4767

5. Gabriel Nicholas (PPP): 4589

The absolute majority stands at 28,674.

NCD regional counting results - after count 341

Progressive results are as follows;

  1. Powes Parkop (SDP) - 38, 209
  2. Andy Bawa (IND)- 19,159
  3. Michael Kandiu(IND) - 16,411
  4. Robert Agen(IND ) - 8,047
  5. Paul Paraka (GRUF) - 5,965

So far, counting is slow but is progressing well.

Officials have returned back from recess and will resume with count 342 shortly.

More updates on Loop PNG.

Moresby North West results - after 15th exclusion

  1. Sir Mekere Morauta - 9,329
  2. Joe Tonde-6,586
  3. Samuel Boe Lohia - 6,205
  4. Honk Kiap - 3,336
  5. Michael Malabag - 2,218

Absolute majority stands at 42,425.

Total Allowable votes is 42,487 with 62 exhausted.

Counting for North West has been suspended for the day.

COUNTING: Moresby North-West eliminations underway

24 candidates are expected to be eliminated from the race after the 24th elimination count later tonight.

3 candidates have been excluded so far, with the 4th exclusion count currently in motion.

This has yet to make a difference with the candidates running in the top 5 category.

However, it is still expected that after the 24th elimination count, numbers of the top 5 candidates are bound to change drastically as more of the other candidates with lower counts are eliminated from the race.

Polye appeals for fair play in counting

He expressed disappointment at the pace at which counting has been conducted so far for the Kandep Open seat at the Wabag counting centre.

With just 13 ballot boxes remaining for counting, he said counting should be expedited, adding a winner should have been declared by now.

He wants the Electoral Commission to appoint a new set of neutral counting officials to carry on counting from the remaining 13 ballot boxes.