Buin Election Counting Progress

In the recent election developments, counting initially led by Thomas Pabakumi in BANA shifted to Siwai in South Bougainville where Philip Kuhena took the lead.

As counting extends to Buin, a newcomer, Robert Kebau is closely trailing with only 200 votes remaining.

Key candidate standings:

Michael Laita: 351 votes

Christopher Roniel: 247 votes

Greg Lua: 665 votes

Augustine Wane: 349 votes

Sylvester Aube: 209 votes

John Kinani: 349 votes

Peter Naguo: 214 votes

Simon Tohui Ansirua: 666 votes

Martin Karepa Mongkei: 244 votes

Sylvester Pulau: 431 votes

Maury Piriri: 413 votes

Thomas Pabakumi: 549 votes

Philip Kuhena (leading): 1,741 votes

Robert Kebau (closing in): 1,428 votes

With 12 Torokina Ballot Boxes and 63 Buin Ballot Boxes remaining, primary counts are projected to conclude today, paving the way for elimination rounds starting tomorrow.

Loop Author