Counting in Namatanai delayed

Counting was suspended at 7pm on Sunday after count 7.

Walter Schnaubelt from National Alliance Party is currently leading the progressive tally for Namatanai Open after count 7 from the Matalai LLG.

Schnaubelt is in the lead on 4,659 votes and in 2nd place is People’s Progress Party candidate and incumbent Open Member for Namatanai James Byron Chan on 3318 votes.

Coming in at 3rd place is Leonard Tonggo from Pangu Party on 25 votes followed by Independent candidate Kiapgugu Ignatius Matius on 23 votes.

Nuku electorate counting set for Tuesday

Returning officer Francis Yawalan confirmed to Loop PNG that the counting will be held at Nuku District Office following the completion of checking the election returns and also preparation of the counting venue.

He said 16 boxes for the Open seat and Provincial seat will be counted. 

Polling for Nuku electorate was completed on Friday.

Madang to prepare for counting

This was revealed by Madang Election Manager Peter Yasaro.

Yasaro said most of the electorates are set to complete polling during the weekends; there will be two days for necessary preparations thus – Tuesday the 11th is the appropriate timing for the start of counting.

The locations for counting have already been set – these include the counting locations for Madang Urban, Raicoast and the Regional seat.

Candidates petitioned Election Manager over counting venues

And among other demands asked was for the counting to start on tomorrow and not delayed.

According to Provincial Election Manager Kila Ralai, the counting will be held at Yangoru Station in East Yangoru LLG and will not be moved.

The electorate completed its polling on Friday.     

Meanwhile, only one LLG ward in East Sepik Province is yet to complete polling for the 2017 National Election, which ended yesterday.

Manus counting underway

The counting was deferred to today due to heavy rain in the province.

The counting venue, Sahat hall in Lorengau, has been used for counting for over 40 years now and seen very little to no renovation at all.

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said counting had to be deferred due to its leaking roofs, which pose a possibility of ballot boxes getting wet.

He said heavy rain since Saturday morning also caused flooding into the counting venue.

Lohia maintains lead in Moresby North west

Counting is currently underway at the Rita Flynn Courts at Boroko.

Count 21 progressive results as of 2pm this afternoon are as follows; Samuel Boe Lohia is climbing and still in the lead with 3, 181 votes after count 20; Miria Ikupu is running second with 1,543 votes, Russell Wavik with 1, 361 votes, followed by Sir Mekere Morauta with 840 votes and sitting MP, Michael Malabag with 633 votes.

The results are progressive as count 22 resumes at 2:30pm.

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Moresby North East counting further delayed

The other electorates of Moresby North West, Moresby South and NCD Regional seat are progressing well with their counting.

Loop PNG was at the Moresby North East counting venue at midday today, and witnessed counting officials  names been called to enter Sir John Guise Stadium indoor complex.

The counting will be further delayed today as all the election officials will go through training before the first ballot box is unsealed for counting to begin.

Counting for NCD regional seat progressing well

Officials and scrutineers have signed in and have taken their seats.

The count currently stands at 41 with count 42, 43 and 45 in motion now.

Progressive results as of 12pm today are as follows; Powes Parkop is still in the lead with 4,551votes, Michael Kandiu with 2,159 votes , Andy Bawa with 1,693 votes, Robert Agen trailing in fourth place with 793 votes followed by Jamie Maxton Graham with 681 votes.

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Counting: Moresby North-West’s progressive result – after count 9

The progressive results as of 5pm this afternoon:     

​Moresby North-East counting further delayed

Presiding officers are meeting with Thomas Rango - Returning Officer - and assistant ROs at Unagi Oval where they will be crossed checked according to the list.

From there, they will be transported to the Sir John Guise stadium where training will commence.

(Containers containing the ballot boxes)