Counting: Moresby South’s progressive result – after count 13

The officials took an hour’s break after count 13 today.

Progressive results as of 3pm this afternoon are as follows;



NCD regional, North-West counting resume

Moresby North-West seat has resumed counting at the Rita Flynn Indoor Complex with count 6.

Officials and scrutineers have already taken their seats. 10 boxes out of a total of 113 boxes from Moresby North-West were brought out last night from the containers, of which the first five were counted and their votes tallied.

Meanwhile, officials for the NCD regional seat have just signed in to take their seats to resume count 29.

Tallied progressive results will follow suit after today's count. 

Counting: Moresby North-West’s progressive result – after count 5

The event started with the movement of the 113 ballot boxes for Moresby North-West electorate into the main counting arena.

This was witnessed by police, election officials and some of the counting officials.

The count for Moresby North-West stands at 5.

The progressive results as of 9am this morning are as follows;


​Counting: Moresby South’s progressive result – after count 11

The progressive tally:

Moresby South




Moresby North-West counting underway

Counting officials took their seats followed by the 78 scrutineers of the running candidates.

Moresby North-West Assistant Returning officer then gave the rundown of instructions for both scrutineers and officials that was to be followed through the night’s counting.

Counting is expected to continue into Saturday morning, where the next group of officials and scrutineers will step in to progress from the previous group.

Candidates to keep an eye out for in the Moresby North-West are; Mekere Morauta, Health Minister Michael Malabag and Janet Sape, to name a few.

Loop PNG's 5@5

NCD Regional counting resumes

Counting has resumed for the National Capital District Regional seat.


Moresby South counting officially begins

Counting for the Moresby South seat has officially begun.

Counting: Simbu’s progressive results

As of 7:30pm yesterday, when counting was suspended, the progressive tally for the Simbu Regional Seat sees, 

Election manager: Scrutineers must not control counting

Jimmy made this call following the issue with scrutineers last night, which delayed counting for four hours.

Scrutineers raised issues regarding the presiding officer not present at the counting venue.

Jimmy told Loop PNG that there were also other minor unnecessary issues raised by scrutineers during the counting process that wasted counting time.

He explained that by law, scrutineers are not allowed to touch ballot papers. By law, scrutineers who try to disturb the counting process can be removed from the venue.

NCD regional counting underway

Counting started at 10pm last night following a four-hour delay. This was due to issues raised by scrutineers regarding the presiding officer not present at the counting venue.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato officially opened the session at 6pm yesterday.

Count 11 commenced at 7am this morning.

After count 6, Powes Parkop was leading with 513 followed by Michael Kandiu with 281 in second place, Andy Bawa in third place with 232, fourth place was Jamie Maxtone Graham on 205 and coming in fifth was Kelaga Sine with 179 votes.

More updates to come.

​Manus prepares for officials’ training

Election Manager Sponsa Navi told Loop PNG that training will take place on Saturday.

Navi has also been instructed by the Electoral Commissioner to commence counting the same day after training.

This comes after counting was deferred from yesterday (Thursday) to Monday, July 10.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato this week said counting in Manus will commence next Monday. However, that has been moved back to Saturday, according to Navi.