Madang Regional Seat Nears Declaration

This newsroom was informed that the 33rd elimination is in progress after former governor, Jim Kas was eliminated on exclusion 32.  

It is yet to be confirmed the figures collected by each candidate after exclusion 32. After exclusion 31 People`s First Party candidate, Ramsey Pariwa still maintains lead with 34, 331 votes difference from the candidate running second.

The incumbent governor, Peter Yama is on fourth place.

After exclusion 31 the top five candidates were as follows.

Elimination For Madang Provincial Underway

The counting officials have informed this newsroom that all quality checks ended before lunchtime today. The elimination started after lunch and continues tomorrow. 

The People First Party candidate, Ramsy Pariwa still maintains lead with more than 50,000 votes, running second is PANGU Party candidate, Jerry Singirok with more than 30, 000 votes and on third spot is incumbent governor, Peter Yama with more than 20, 000 votes.

Rigo, Abau In Elimination Round

The results for Rigo is:

1. Turai Elemi (NA) - 5,840 votes

2. Ano Pala (PANGU Pati) – 5,646 votes

3. Biari Cibby Ubuna (IND) – 3,907 votes

4. Vikki Mossine (FPNG) – 3,200 votes

5. Lekwa Gure (ULP) – 3,192


Rigo Open is now in the 27th Exclusion with Gomara Gorua (PRP) eliminated.

Meanwhile, Abau Open this morning were on their 6th elimination of Kulu Wari (IND). Running first in the ladder is Sir Puka Temu.

1. Sir Puka Temu (ODP) – 9,510 votes.

Bogia, Usino Bundi Nears Declaration

The elimination of candidates had started and currently there are 15 candidates remaining in the race. 
The sitting member for Bogia, Robert Naguri is leading the race with more than 2000 votes difference. Running second is United Resource Party candidate, David Wama. 
According to information gathered from the Electoral Commission website the absolute majority of Bogia open stands at 21, 229. 

Race For Goilala Seat Almost Over

“Goilala Open electorate is now in their fourth last elimination and should give the decider. This morning three candidates remain out of the 38 candidates for the open seat,” he said. 

Taking the lead is PANGU Pati candidate: 

  1. Casmiro Aia with 8,517. 
  2. Alex Hoem Robert (URP) – 5,136 votes
  3. Francis Javia (PNC) – 4,663 votes.

 “By this afternoon around 3-4pm we should declare the new member for Goilala Open,” said Maia. 

Iduhu leads after 17th exclusion

Counting officials have completed the 17th elimination. National Alliance candidate Daniel Lohia was eliminated in this round.

After Lohia’s votes were distributed, Keith Iduhu of New Generation Party is ahead.

The top five candidates after elimination 17 is as follows;

1. Keith Iduhu (NGP) – 9,429
2. Steven John Manai (URP) – 6,359
3. Willie F Kaeaka (IND) – 3,943
4. Gabriel Nicholas (PNGNP) – 2,857
5. Samuel Sariman (IND) – 2,545

The absolute majority is 19,675 votes.

Marum Reaches Over 22,000 Votes

Sitting governor, Nakikus Konga was ousted in the 16th Exclusion last night. Jack Voivoi was eliminated in the 17th Exclusion at 11am and his 11,501 votes were distributed.

Currently underway is the 18 exclusion of Levi Orong, whose 13,447 votes are being distributed to the remaining five candidates.

After the 17th Exclusion- the progressive tally is:

Bulolo Set For Eliminations

Quality checks were completed yesterday.

Here are the progressive results:

Bulolo Open

  1. Sam Basil Jnr (ULP) – 14,809
  2. Russel Yakam (NA) – 4,020
  3. Tae Guambelek (PNGP) – 2,288
  4. Luke Kewo Jnr (Ind) – 2,270
  5. Dan Yansom (Ind) – 1,797

The absolute majority is 17,197.