Return of Writs

Laigap Writs due Nov 17

Enga Election manager, Anton Iamau confirmed this morning that the status quo remains.

Polling was concluded two weeks ago, but counting was put on hold after PNG Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai issued directives for counting to be moved to Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province citing security concerns.

Iamau said his staff are only executing directions from the headquarters and the last direction received was to move the counting from Wabag to Goroka.

73 Writs To Be Returned

"Today, Friday 5th of August is the set date for returning the majority of the writs to the Governor General. 

"With 82 Electorates now declared and over 73 writs received by my office, I am pleased to announce that I will return more than the majority of the writs by 4pm,” he added. 

Counting and declaration has been done for Hela, East Sepik, Morobe, Bougainville, East New Britian, Manus, New Ireland, West New Britian, Milne Bay and Northern seats. 

From the 73 writs to be returned excludes Markham, Kabwum and Laiagap. 

Return of writs on July 29th

Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai said the goal is to have all 118 electoral writs returned on the 29th of July 2022.

“Our goal at the Electoral Commission is to return the 118 electoral writs on time by the 29th July 2022, the date by which the majority of writs for the 2022 National General Election must be return to the GG.”         

Counting has also commenced for some provinces while the Tari-Pori Open seat has been declared. Incumbent James Marape, is member-elect for Tari-Pori Open.

Court extends return of writs

The Ombudsman Commission filed a special reference in the Supreme Court and successfully obtained the orders on Friday at 4:30pm.

The court allowed for the extension of the return of writs from July 28 to July 31.

Ombudsman Commission was ordered to serve the court orders on the Electoral Commission by Friday 10pm.

The Clerk of Parliament and Secretary for Justice will also have to be served the orders by 2pm of Saturday, July 29.

The writs were returned to the head of state on Friday at 4pm, however only 80 of the 111 electorates’ writs were given. 

Extension for return of writs

The extension was officially made on Friday 21st by Governor General, Sir Bob Dadae.

Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, announced today that the extension is to allow for counting in other parts of the country to be completed.

Gamato previously announced that an extension was well within the required number of days for polling and counting.

He said by law 21 days was allowed but they had only requested to the Govenor General 16 days, leaving a five day buffer, which they will now use.

Today, Gamato received writs from the following seats: