National Capital District

NCD does not need a land board

Lands Minister, Benny Allan, made the blunt statement on Thursday during a media conference in Port Moresby.

His comments follow several calls made by NCD Governor Powes Parkop, for the establishment of a NCD Land Board so that the NCDC can properly control and plan the development in the city.

Minister Allan said since the National Land Board is based in Port Moresby, there was no need to have a land board for NCD.

NCD counting scheduled for tomorrow

Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, announced yesterday that counting at all appointed venues are expected to begin.

He said following polling on Friday, June 30th, all ballot boxes were sent to Rita Flynn Sporting complex and then later distributed to counting venues.

The counting venues include the Sir John Guise Stadium (Moresby North-East), Kila Kila Secondary School (Moresby South), while the Rita Flynn Complex will house the Moresby North-West and NCD Regional Counting.

Parkop commends residents for peaceful campaigning

Sitting Governor for the National Capital District, Powes Parkop, said it was a long, challenging and tiring campaign for the candidates and the people have done well in keeping it relatively peaceful.

Parkop thanked all residents for the successful campaign period and said it showed a sign of progress and being more civil during the elections.

“I’m very confident that the election will continue to be peaceful in the nation’s capital.

Polling venues for Moresby South

Moresby South has three Wards. 

Polling for the Moresby South Open Electorate is for one day only – Tuesday, June 27.

Here is a list of polling venues provided by the PNG Electoral Commission for Moresby South.


Polling Date


Polling venues for Moresby North East

Moresby North East has four Wards. 

Polling for the Moresby North East Open Electorate is for one day only – Tuesday, June 27.

Here is a list of polling venues provided by the PNG Electoral Commission for Moresby North East.




PNG Loop's Breakfast Bites

Hunters defeated at home

The SP Hunters seven game winning streak came to an end on Saturday night after being beaten by the last placed Tweed Heads Seagulls 14-10 at the National Football Stadium.

SMS marketing linking 2 million people in PNG

​Parkop’s party focuses on reviving economy

Party leader and sitting Governor for the National Capital District, Powes Parkop, says they aim to address the economic situation that the country is facing with their economic policy plan.

Parkop highlighted that the economic situation includes unemployment, debt level, money supply among people and foreign exchange crises.

The Party policies include accelerating economic growth, lowering personal taxes, creating more local jobs, promoting tourism industries and building quality infrastructure and transport.

Informal sector: Public health challenge

However, in reality, the most convenient alternative for majority of Papua New Guineans roadside breakfast, lunch or dinner.

This varies…and of course high on the list are: Fried lamb flaps, sausage and potato, fried fish and sago, boiled kaukau (sweet potato), coconut creamed kumu (greens) and chicken.

And for those in the informal sector, this makes good money but with it comes the concern for public health.

​Drivers urged to be vigilant

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, confirmed that some reports have been filed at police stations and are being looked into.

“The number of attempted holdups and carjacking has been increasing over the start of the election period and police are dealing with it.”

He said in a recent incident, a foreigner was tailed from the airport by criminals to the outside of Somare Foundation, where he was held up.

Turi reiterates that vehicle owners should be watching out for suspicious vehicles that are either tailing or driving in front of them.

Public transport shortage in NCD

City commuters were seen to be walking to the nearest bus stops in search of buses, only to find them packed with more people trying to get to work and school.

One regular commuter said she has always been up at 6am to catch the bus, unfortunately in the last couple of weeks, there have been fewer buses on the road.

Many commuters said they have had to walk two to three bus stops to try and rush with the rest of the commuters for buses.

“Many of us have turned up to work past our usual clock-in time of 8am, and arrive at 9am or 10am.”