National Capital District

Foot beat patrols back in the community

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi says foot beat patrols will increase police visibility in busy areas, enhance our citizens' feeling of safety, and build bridges between citizens and police.

“Police officer are slacking off and are either sitting in the vehicles or driving around aimlessly,” Turi says.

Turi adds that officers should have knowledge of their area and should knowing shopkeepers and regulars by name now and they are expected to visit businesses along their beat and to interact with citizens.

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Parkop encourages residents to take ownership of city

Parkop said NCDC is doing all it can to improve the environment and needs everyone to start taking ownership and be responsible for the city they live.

“NCDC spends millions in cleaning the city but it cannot do the job on its own.

“We need everybody’s support because the issue is with people’s bad habits.

“Residents need to be educated on taking ownership and responsibility in order to change their mindsets,” Parkop said.

He stressed that Port Moresby cannot attract businesses and investors if the city is not clean.

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Awareness is vital to address waste pollution

Sustainable Coastlines PNG (SCPNG) founder Ryley Webster says education on the effects of waste pollution is important so that people will be aware of the dangers of pollution.

SCPNG is an award winning PNG non-profit organisation, supported by the global Sustainable Coastlines brand that creates solutions for environmental challenges through projects.

Webster highlighted that effective awareness activities include practical education for students, using art as a vehicle for social and environmental change and awareness through sports.

Parkop: Support local artists by stopping piracy

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop said PNG local artists are losing a lot of money simply because of piracy that is happening.

Parkop said that one of the reasons to bring over the Black Brothers for the NCD Independence Day celebrations was to encourage the public to stop piracy.

Black Brothers are strong campaigners against piracy and promoters of studio recording of albums. 

He said in the last four years, no artist in PNG has gone back to recording with PNG’s biggest recording label CHM studio is almost vacant now.

Security guaranteed at NCD Independence Day festivities

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop said the organisers are security conscious at the venues.

NCDC has organised the Street Festival at Paga Hill ring road and the Black Brothers concert at the Sir John Guise Stadium.

Parkop said there’s police officers stationed at the ring road to ensure that people have a good time and enjoy themselves and go away with the good memories of the 41st anniversary.

The stadium will provide a high standard of security both inside and outside the venue.

Students to improve writing with spelling bee competition

The competition is an initiative of the Emstret School Competition Program (ESCP) and is scheduled from September 12-16. 

The program aims to promote literacy, self-expression and talent through the art of public speaking, poetry writing and recitals and improve vocabulary skills for students throughout the country.

Students will compete against other competitors from other schools to spell a broad selection of words.

Each participating school is to select twelve competitors to represent their school with a total of 64 students expected to take part.

NCD school competition program kicks off

The program, aimed to promote literacy, self-expression and talent through the art of public speaking, poetry writing and recitals, kicked off today with the debate challenge.

ESCP also aims to improve vocabulary skills for young Papua New Guineans in schools throughout the country.

The program comprises of a debate challenge, poetry slam and spelling bee championship.

Previously known as the IBS School Debate, the debate challenge under this program involves six participating NCD schools to be held on  August 30 to September 1.  

School Captains Charter to help students

The School Captain’s Charter will provide a platform for students to advocate against alcohol and drug abuse amongst their peers.

The forum was attended by school captains and principals from all NCD Secondary Schools.

Statistics gathered by NCDC under the Yumi Lukautim Moresby Project reveals that 95 percent of the juveniles at Bomana Juvenile Centre are there due to drugs and alcohol.

West Papuans given land in city

That piece of land is located at the back of Gerehu stage 1 along the newly opened Gerehu to Nine-Mile road.

The land allocated for the West Papua Refugees lies directly opposite the Public Servants housing project.

At least 10 hectares of land has been allocated through the help of NCD Governor Powes Parkop.

The West Papuans have welcomed the initiative, which comes at a time when many of them are being evicted from their temporary place of residents in Port Moresby.