Moresby North West

Desperate Attempts Delay MNW Counting

Manukayasi said from the beginning, this election has been unique due to all the interferences with the electoral process caused by candidates, scrutineers, and even supporters.  He termed these elections as ‘unique.’

Manukayasi expresses that the delays in the completion of counting and quality checks has hindered what should have been a timely electoral process.

He says this is due to many people claiming from the start of the elections, that this would be a failed National General Election.

Counting for MNW suspended

The candidates handed the petition to the Returning officer Vincent Manukuyasi just before lunch.

Among the points raised, the candidates want live streaming of the counting and also allow the media to cover the event.

A criminal complaint of tempering, illegal voting, and fraud in the ward 1 area has also been submitted to RO Manukuyasi and has been submitted to NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu.

Candidate Des Yaninen said, “The candidates want full transparency of the counting process.”

Parkop Forges Partnership With Samuel

Both leaders made the commitment at Samuel’s recent swearing-in, on the NCDC Board.

Governor Parkop who is the NCDC Board Chairman, said former MPs for the Moresby North West electorate did not partner with him to deliver goods and services to the people. 

He added that the commitment announced would mean a paradigm shift in service delivery.  

“Us working together to deliver outcomes for the people of Moresby North-West is the most paramount of priorities. We are one team and we need to deliver together,” Parkop said.

Training Begins for North West By-election

The training is basically to know about their roles and responsibilities as contracted election officials, understanding the polling and counting process and procedures of this by – election, and managing the administrative roles and responsibilities.

An officer from the NCD PHA official will also facilitate in the first level training to impart knowledge on the COVID-19 safety measures.

The first level Poll and Count Training was facilitated by Election Training Manager, Bale Kavanamur

MNW By-Election proceeds

The order of draw was deferred twice due to the pandemic and the death of the Late Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.

Moresby North West By-Election Returning Officer, Desmond Timiyaso says COVID-19 protocols will be observed under the ‘Niupela Pasin’ and urged candidates to comply with the SOP.

The campaign period initially set for eight weeks, will now run for six weeks.

Polling is scheduled on the 2nd of June, with a two week window.

Mr Timiyaso also confirmed that five counting centres will be set up for primary counts for the five wards.

Sir Mekere urges members to be transparent

North-West MP and chairman of the committee, Sir Mekere Morauta, told his members to work for the common good of all sectors, including churches, women and youth groups as well as the wider community.

He said they were entrusted with important decision-making powers on development needs and aspirations of the people.

He was speaking after the swearing-in of Moresby North-West JDP & BPC members on Sept 12 at the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) city hall.

RO Havara will be referred to police

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said Moka Havara will be referred for investigation once the electoral process is completed.

He described the incident on Thursday at the Airways hotel as unfortunate.

Havara could not be located on Thursday morning to declare Sir Mekere Morauta after he surpassed the absolute majority.

The announcement was made at 9am but the declaration took place three hours later.

He was however at Airways declaring Joseph Tonde as member elect.

Moresby North West exclusion counts progressing

24 candidates are expected to be eliminated from the race after the 24th elimination count later tonight.

It is anticipated after the 24th elimination count, numbers of the top 5 candidates are bound to change drastically as more of the other candidates with lower counts are eliminated from the race.

The fourth exclusion count has seen the following candidates eliminated in the exclusion count.

1. Simon Koima

2. Albert Nupi Kamani

3. Lazarus Towa

4. Avosa Sevese.

Moresby North West results - after 15th exclusion

  1. Sir Mekere Morauta - 9,329
  2. Joe Tonde-6,586
  3. Samuel Boe Lohia - 6,205
  4. Honk Kiap - 3,336
  5. Michael Malabag - 2,218

Absolute majority stands at 42,425.

Total Allowable votes is 42,487 with 62 exhausted.

Counting for North West has been suspended for the day.

Moresby North West Quality checks yet to start

However, that is yet to resume as officials are still cleaning up the counting venue.

After the last primary count of 112 last night the results still remain the same.