Moresby North West

Sir Mekere urges members to be transparent

North-West MP and chairman of the committee, Sir Mekere Morauta, told his members to work for the common good of all sectors, including churches, women and youth groups as well as the wider community.

He said they were entrusted with important decision-making powers on development needs and aspirations of the people.

He was speaking after the swearing-in of Moresby North-West JDP & BPC members on Sept 12 at the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) city hall.

RO Havara will be referred to police

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said Moka Havara will be referred for investigation once the electoral process is completed.

He described the incident on Thursday at the Airways hotel as unfortunate.

Havara could not be located on Thursday morning to declare Sir Mekere Morauta after he surpassed the absolute majority.

The announcement was made at 9am but the declaration took place three hours later.

He was however at Airways declaring Joseph Tonde as member elect.

Moresby North West exclusion counts progressing

24 candidates are expected to be eliminated from the race after the 24th elimination count later tonight.

It is anticipated after the 24th elimination count, numbers of the top 5 candidates are bound to change drastically as more of the other candidates with lower counts are eliminated from the race.

The fourth exclusion count has seen the following candidates eliminated in the exclusion count.

1. Simon Koima

2. Albert Nupi Kamani

3. Lazarus Towa

4. Avosa Sevese.

Moresby North West results - after 15th exclusion

  1. Sir Mekere Morauta - 9,329
  2. Joe Tonde-6,586
  3. Samuel Boe Lohia - 6,205
  4. Honk Kiap - 3,336
  5. Michael Malabag - 2,218

Absolute majority stands at 42,425.

Total Allowable votes is 42,487 with 62 exhausted.

Counting for North West has been suspended for the day.

Moresby North West Quality checks yet to start

However, that is yet to resume as officials are still cleaning up the counting venue.

After the last primary count of 112 last night the results still remain the same.

COUNTING: Progressive results for Moresby North West seat: After Primary counts

The following are results from the end of the primary count.

COUNTING: Progressive results for Moresby West seat: After Count 110

COUNTING: Moresby North West progressive results after Count 35

As of 5pm this afternoon the progressive results are as follows;

In second place after Samuel is Sir Mekera Morauta with 2, 260 votes.

Miria Ikupu is running third with 1, 671 votes, followed by Russell Wavik at 1,430 votes in fourth place with Joseph Tonde in fifth place collecting 1, 211 votes.

Count 36 is now underway. 


(File picture)

Police out on full force

This is the location where the votes for NCD Regional and Moresby North West seats are being counted.

Loop PNG observed police out on full force as every counting official and scrutineers bags and pockets were being checked before entering the counting premises.

With only two scrutineers allowed into the counting facility, other scrutineer spectators could be seen watching from outside the fence.

Also this morning, the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi paid a visit to check up on the progress of the officers.

Progressive results for Moresby North West seat: After count 30

The progressive results as of 9am this morning after count 30 are; Lohia Boe Samuel 3,612 votes, Sir Mekera Morauta  on second place with 1,700 votes, Miria Ikupu is running third with 1, 589 votes, followed by Russell Wavik at 1,416 votes in fourth place.

Sitting MP, Michael Malabag has been ousted from the top 5 category and has been replaced by Joseph Tonde with 1, 019 votes.

Count 31 is about to go into motion now.

Results will be posted on a later update.