Moresby North West Quality checks yet to start

Quality checks for the Moresby North West electoral are expected to begin this morning.

However, that is yet to resume as officials are still cleaning up the counting venue.

After the last primary count of 112 last night the results still remain the same.

Moresby North-West - after count 112




Mekere Morauta


9, 156

Joseph Tonde


6, 470

Lohia Boe Samuel


6, 120

Honk Kiap 

PNG National Party

3, 242

Michael Malabag

People's National Congress

2, 191


From what was supposed to be a total of 113 boxes, one box from PTC Village was disputed.

The electorate is now one box less from the original total.

Quality checks for the electorate is set to go once the venue has been ridded of dust, dirt and rubbish.

The Latest will be posted on a later news update.


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Annette Kora