Sir Mekere urges members to be transparent

​Members of the Moresby North-West Joint District Planning and Budget Priorities Committee (JDP & BPC) have been urged to be transparent and accountable in deciding project funding in their electorate.

North-West MP and chairman of the committee, Sir Mekere Morauta, told his members to work for the common good of all sectors, including churches, women and youth groups as well as the wider community.

He said they were entrusted with important decision-making powers on development needs and aspirations of the people.

He was speaking after the swearing-in of Moresby North-West JDP & BPC members on Sept 12 at the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) city hall.

“Given the shortage of funds and growing needs of our electorate, we have to strictly follow criteria and guidelines to comply with set procedures and guidelines.

“It is the committee’s job to collect and verify information and all necessary check and balance before committing public funds,” Sir Mekere stressed.

The committee comprises of five ward representatives and four community interest representatives, including church, youth, women and settlement/community.

They were sworn in by senior district court magistrate, Tracey Ganai, and witnessed by NCDC officials and members of the public.

Freddy Mou