Elections 2017

Polye alleges bias in counting

He also said the reports from the Returning officers and Election Managers to the Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, are misleading.

Polye alleges there is no impartiality in the counting process for Kandep which has resulted in eight ballot boxes he claims contains votes from his stronghold, being set aside as disputed boxes.

Juffa: Coalition must have people’s interest at heart

In this first term, the Northern Governor has been one of the few voices on good governance in Parliament.

 Juffa confirmed in a media conference today, his People’s Movement for Change Party support for the PANGU Party led, Goroka Camp.

 “I will consider any organization that will form (a government) not a disorganization like what we have endured for the last 5 years.

“The National Alliance (Party) has been seen to be accumulating the numbers, so as PANGU,” Juffa said.  

Regionalism is not part of our team: O’Neill

He said this demonstrates the nation-wide appeal of the PNC-led Government and its policies.

O’Neill made the comments as more PNC Members are declared from each of the nation’s four regions.

"Our Government for the next Parliament will be nationwide and consultative, not focused on any single region,” he said.

"Regionalism and selfishness that comes from exclusion will never be a part of a PNC-led Government.

"PNC candidates are being elected in significant numbers around the country from island and costal through to highlands communities.

COUNTING: Narrow lead for Polye

Manase was leading the race from the start until Polye outperformed him in the final nine boxes of Kolopa 1 and 2, Gini 1 and 2, Walupim, Teseres, Murip, Mund and Yapum rest houses, where he collected a total of more than 4,000 votes to move to the top with 16,336 votes. 

Manase finished second with 16,303 while Peter Mission and Johnathon Paraia ended in the third and 4th positions respectively.

The quality check will start today before going for exclusion.

Leave Hela politics alone: Potape

Potape made these remarks this afternoon in a media conference in Port Moresby after his victory was allegedly hijacked by the Provincial Election Manager John Tipa.

“This is Hela politics at its best and am appealing to the good Prime Minister to not get involved in it as it might spoil the good relationship his party have with the people of Hela,” says Potape.

My victory was hijacked: Potape

In a media conference today, Potape said Undialu’s election victory is fake because it did not follow proper legal process.

“I am the duly elected Governor by the people of Hela as their Regional Member but have been denied declaration by the Provincial Returning officer,” says Potape.

After the final elimination of the last candidate in the race, Dr Hewali Hamiya, Potape collected 14,642 bringing his total score to 67,435 while Undialu collected 6,741 which brings his score to 65,836.

COUNTING: NCD Regional update

Assistant election manager NCD, Bale Kavanamur, revealed this to Loop PNG today.

Counting will soon resume for the seat at the Rita Flynn Indoor Complex.

After exclusion 13, 25 candidates remain in the race.

The top five are as follows:

1. Powes Parkop (SDP) - 39,512

2. Andy Bawa (IND) - 19,494

3. Michael Kandiu (IND) - 16,332

4. Robert Agen (IND) - 8,209

5. Paul Paraka (GRUF) - 6,272

ENB members-elect show solidarity

In a show of solidarity and unity, the elected MPs on Sunday attended a church service at the Reimuela United Church at Tavui, Rabaul district.

All the five ENBP members-elect came together for Sunday service regardless of party affiliations.

Gazelle elect MP Jelta Wong told Loop PNG that unity among the ENB leaders is what will be driving them forward.

“I want to show my support for Dr Marat with Governor-elect Nakikus Konga.

“We believe in the unity of the province,” says Wong.

“For so long we have been divided.”

Gamato calls for calm

He said this following numerous reports of destruction of property, violence, and intimidation.

The most recent incident over the weekend resulted in the deaths of two police officers after clashes in Wabag between supporters of candidates contesting the Kandep Open Seat.

Gamato appealed to supporters saying there is only one winner and the process has to be respected.

Counting: Kairuku Hiri progressive result: after elimination 1

After the first exclusion of David Obara, incumbent Member and National Alliance candidate Peter Isoaimo is leading the race on 13,242 votes.

44 votes from David Obara were distributed among the 26 remaining candidates.

Results for the top five after elimination one:

1. Peter Isoaimo (NA): 13 242

2. Paru Aihi (PNC): 10 134

3. Steven John Manai (Pangu): 6930

4. Scott Boio Morata (Ind): 4774

5. Gabriel Nicholas (PPP): 4590

The absolute majority stands at 28 674.

The total ballots remaining in count is 57,347.