Moresby North West

COUNTING: Progressive results for Moresby North West seat: After Primary counts

The following are results from the end of the primary count.

COUNTING: Progressive results for Moresby West seat: After Count 110

COUNTING: Moresby North West progressive results after Count 35

As of 5pm this afternoon the progressive results are as follows;

In second place after Samuel is Sir Mekera Morauta with 2, 260 votes.

Miria Ikupu is running third with 1, 671 votes, followed by Russell Wavik at 1,430 votes in fourth place with Joseph Tonde in fifth place collecting 1, 211 votes.

Count 36 is now underway. 


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Police out on full force

This is the location where the votes for NCD Regional and Moresby North West seats are being counted.

Loop PNG observed police out on full force as every counting official and scrutineers bags and pockets were being checked before entering the counting premises.

With only two scrutineers allowed into the counting facility, other scrutineer spectators could be seen watching from outside the fence.

Also this morning, the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi paid a visit to check up on the progress of the officers.

Progressive results for Moresby North West seat: After count 30

The progressive results as of 9am this morning after count 30 are; Lohia Boe Samuel 3,612 votes, Sir Mekera Morauta  on second place with 1,700 votes, Miria Ikupu is running third with 1, 589 votes, followed by Russell Wavik at 1,416 votes in fourth place.

Sitting MP, Michael Malabag has been ousted from the top 5 category and has been replaced by Joseph Tonde with 1, 019 votes.

Count 31 is about to go into motion now.

Results will be posted on a later update.

Moresby North-West counting underway

Counting officials took their seats followed by the 78 scrutineers of the running candidates.

Moresby North-West Assistant Returning officer then gave the rundown of instructions for both scrutineers and officials that was to be followed through the night’s counting.

Counting is expected to continue into Saturday morning, where the next group of officials and scrutineers will step in to progress from the previous group.

Candidates to keep an eye out for in the Moresby North-West are; Mekere Morauta, Health Minister Michael Malabag and Janet Sape, to name a few.

Polling Venues for Moresby North West

Moresby North West has five Wards. 

Polling for the Moresby North West Open Electorate is for one day only – Tuesday, June 27.

Here is a list of polling venues provided by the PNG Electoral Commission for Moresby North West.





Sir Mek explains intentions of contesting

“My first and foremost reason to re-enter national politics is because of public demand and pressure from people in all walks of life including villagers, public servants, private sectors workers, parliamentarians, even MPs from within the ruling PNC party.

“I owe it to PNG and its citizens for educating me to university level, first Secretary for  Finance at the age of 25 in 1973, Managing Director of PNG Banking Corporation (now BSP), Governor of Bank of PNG, State minister, Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition.

Moresby North-West candidates

Draws have been done and the table below shows your candidates and the ballot box numbers they have been allocated this election.

Box number


Box Number



Rodney Karo Kapi

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Nomination of candidates slow in capital

Nominations are slowly coming in for intending candidates who will be contesting the Moresby North West seat, which is currently occupied by Michael Malabag.

Police operations on full alert