Lohia Boe Samuel

Reforms to address failed prosecutions

The recent acquittal of two individuals, Lohia Boe Samuel and Fabian Hera, has prompted him to direct a comprehensive review of all cases presented by the police.

Speaking at a press conference, ACP Wagambie expressed his concern over the nonchalant approach towards failed prosecutions in the past.

He emphasized that such dismissals would no longer be taken lightly under his watch. The establishment of the Prosecution Review Committee is a significant step toward rectifying the matter.

Lohia Boe Samuel Charged for Murder

Commander NCD/Central, Assistant Police Commissioner, Anthony Wagambie Junior, said the MP was invited to Boroko Police station this morning and was escorted to the NCD Homicide section. He was charged today, under section 300 sub section (1) (b) (ii) of the PNG Criminal Code Act.

After investigations, Police have confirmed that the firearm is owned and licensed to the Member of Parliament. Mr Wagambie said the investigators had to piece together information and evidence before effecting the arrest today.

St John Ambulance Baruni Opens

The Member for Moresby Northwest, Lohia Boe Samuel, officiated at the ceremony. Present to witness the occasion was Member for Moresby Northeast, John Kaupa, City Manager for NCDC, Bernard Kipit, NCDC Board Council Members, LLG councilors, St. and John Ambulance Commissioner Rigona Rita.

According to Commissioner, Rigona Rita, this is the first time such an important service is opened in the Port Moresby Northwest area and it will cover some of the Motu-Koitabu villages and parts of Central Province.

LBS Debuts In Parliament

MP Samuel began his speech by acknowledging the traditional landowners and the people of Motu-Koita for the land on which the nation’s capital is built.

In his speech, the member thanked his family and the people of Moresby Northwest who voted for him with the confidence to have their voices represented in Parliament.

Parkop Forges Partnership With Samuel

Both leaders made the commitment at Samuel’s recent swearing-in, on the NCDC Board.

Governor Parkop who is the NCDC Board Chairman, said former MPs for the Moresby North West electorate did not partner with him to deliver goods and services to the people. 

He added that the commitment announced would mean a paradigm shift in service delivery.  

“Us working together to deliver outcomes for the people of Moresby North-West is the most paramount of priorities. We are one team and we need to deliver together,” Parkop said.

PNGEC prioritizes partnerships

Southern Highlands Provincial Administrator, Jerry David and Acting Electoral Commissioner, Simon Sinai signed the MoU that now allows for the PNGEC and the provincial administration to coordinate efforts to update the electoral roll in the provinces in preparation for the 2022 general elections.

“Sharing information and coordinating with stakeholders is a priority.”

“Electoral Commission will work with other important national bodies.”

“Our international partners are also important stakeholders, who we will continue to work with.”

Samuel Commends Voters

Lohia Boe Samuel was declared on June 24th when his total votes of 25,185 bypassed the absolute majority of 23,249 votes and sworn-in to office on Friday 2nd July.

Samuel said the people of Moresby Northwest have been neglected for a very long time.

In response to alleged rigging of elections, Samuel said, “The election was not rigged. It was a result of many, many years of hard work.”

The new member said the problem started when results of the first count were being tallied at the ward 7 counting location in Murray Barracks.

Parkop congratulates Member-elect

Governor Parkop said Samuel’s overwhelming victory should be the beginning of a new era.

His win comes at a time when Governor Parkop and Motu Koitabu Assembly are working in collaboration to improve the lives of the indigenous people. 

He said under his Motu Koita Modernisation initiative, major developments have been delivered, citing clean water projects, Boe Vagi Road and Hanuabada market project.

“We need to extend these initiatives to the other villages, including a new health centre at Metoria in Hanuabada,” Governor Parkop added. 

Court dismisses Moresby North-West petition

Sir Mekere said the petition was dismissed on legal, procedural and technical grounds.

The dismissal came after the court found the petition was incompetent. Petitioner Lohia Boe Samuel failed to comply with requirements of section 208 of the Organic law.  

Samuel failed to state the occupation of the two attesting witnesses in the petition, which is a requirement, breaching section 208(d) of the organic law.

“It’s a matter of law, the law’s been enforced right here.

Sir Mek’s win disputed

The allegations contained in the petition relates to errors and omissions on the part of the PNG Electoral Commission.

The petition went for direction hearing yesterday to assist parties prepare themselves for trial.

Sir Mekere told supporters outside court that the election petitions are processes losing candidates pursue to seek relief and he had nothing to hide.

“It is a process we have to go through to determine if we are properly elected or not,” Sir Mekere said.